A Conversation On A Double Decker Bus

Londonbus 300x187 A Conversation On A Double Decker Bus
This scene took place on the top of a double decker bus this morning at about 8.30 am. Both guy and girl appeared to be in their mid twenties. If I were her the conversation would have got locked off at the first insult, but then again I wouldn’t be sitting on a bus dropping in causal conversation with an acquaintance anything about a pregnancy miscarriage.

Guy: I’ve lost weight you know

Girl: I’ve lost weight too *pause* since the miscarriage

Guy: Hysterical laughter What miscarriage?

Girl: My miscarriage innit?

Guy: Yeah right

Girl: What do you mean yeah right?

Guy: You’re a liar

Girl: I ain’t lying

Guy: *More laughter*

Girl: Dean, Why would I lie?

Guy: Cos you’re just like that

Girl: I wouldn’t lie about something like that

Guy: Yes you would

Girl: No I wouldn’t, how could you say that?

Guy: So who knows about it then?

Girl: *pause* er…

Guy: See you’re lyin’!

Girl: No I’m not lyin, but no one knows

Guy: What about Alisha? Ain’t that supposed to be ya frien? I’m gonna ask Alisha

Girl: No Alisha don’t know. What you gonna tell Alisha my business for anyway? I’ve only told Steph

Guy: Aaaaah alright, alright, I’m gonna ask Steph then

Girl: You don’t even need to ask Steph. I’ve got the paperwork to prove it.

Guy: Really?

Girl: Yeah

Guy: Where is it then?

Girl: At home innit

Guy: For real?

Girl: Dean why would I lie? You can come and see it if you want.

Guy: I know you like sympathy, that’s why I thought you were lying.

Girl: I’m gonna show you the paperwork

Guy: So who’s baby was it? Marvin’s?

Girl: Obviously…

Guy: What do you mean obviously? It ain’t obvious

Girl: What? Who else’s could it be?

Guy: It could be anyone innit

Girl: *tutting* and only slightly pissed off after all the insults Naa it’s Marvin’s

Guy: Oh alright then.

Shortly after the exchange the girl goes to get off the bus. She is bright and breezy after what I would call a multiple insult verbal attack, smiling, exclaiming and waving as she got of the bus,

“See ya!”

To which he replied with a slight nod,


And how was your morning? What are the kinds of conversations you eavesdrop on in public?

I was almost late after not being able to find any clean knickers. Is it only me this happens to? I could have sworn I had at least enough knickers for the week. Maybe I dreamt it… LOL I almost went knickerless but the fact that the jeans that I was about to put on once split in the crutch area and had been resewn (yeah I’m handy with a needle and thread) put me off that idea. I was mortified at the idea of my fanny being on display at work. If it were anywhere else then the shame would be temporary, but with me having the added problem of often going to the loo and forgetting to do up my flies, there was too much risk involved so I forged ahead in my kicker hunt. Luckily I found a pair in a nick of time (no pun intended) and made it into work bang on nine.

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