A Pregnant Bride and Bridesmaids In Red Dresses

Pregnant Bride 300x168 A Pregnant Bride and Bridesmaids In Red Dresses

I got home at 4 am on Saturday morning and had to wake up at 9 in order to meet Caroline for 10.30 to go and get fitted for my Bridesmaid dress with her sister and Rebecca. We all turned up about half an hour late, which the ladies in the shop appeared to be highly unimpressed by. None of the dresses fit, we couldn’t agree on anything and the lady kept pinning things and telling us to “imagine” Fuck that! Who wants to pay £200 on a dress and all you can do is “imagine” what it looks like. We decided to scratch that and see if we could get anything of the rack.

How disastrous! Caroline threw a fit that we couldn’t find anything in 3 hours. Becky told her she shouldn’t have expected us to find anything so quickly and in the end Caroline insisted that we get a skirt and corset. Fire engine red hooker get up. It was horrible. She is going to have a big old pregnant belly in the church, walking down the Aisle so we are really going to look like whores of Babylon with bridesmaids in Scarlet Woman red bridesmaid dresses.

In the end the hooker get up was purchased. One for each of us and one for the other absent bridesmaid. On the way out of the shop Rebecca called the absent bridesmaid to tell her what had been bought and she flipped out. She spoke to Caroline and told her she should at least pay for half if she is going to put us in something so terrible. Caroline told her it wasn’t an option and they argued about it. I personally think that since she isn’t paying for the dresses there should be a bit of leeway in what we wear, but I wasn’t to bothered because the fire engine get up was cheaper than any of the others and its her day anyway so what am I worried about how I’ll look for (as long as I don’t look ridiculous) anyway?

After buying the hooker gear Caroline’s sister suggested that we get dresses made and use the hooker dresses as back up. This was agreed to and Caroline and her sister went off to find material whilst Rebecca and I went home. A few hours later Rebecca calls me livid. Caroline had spent £68 on each person for materials which is more than we thought it would cost. It turns out that she has bought all this extra stuff, but not even consulted anyone about it, but no doubt she will expect the money back. This wedding is turning out to be more stressful than I thought it would be. I swear shotgun weddings are not the way to go. Shit like that needs at least 8 months preparation!

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