A Visit From The Nigerian Po-Po Ends At Ojodu Police Station

Naija Police Officers 300x225 A Visit From The Nigerian Po Po Ends At Ojodu Police Station

Part 1: My First Time in Nigeria
Part 2: Those Boys From Yankee

I didn’t know what to think feel or do. Stunned temporarily my senses came back to me and I grabbed the bloody t-shirts that lay strewn across the floor. The boys were headed out the door, trailing behind Musa. I jammed the T-shirts behind a sofa and ran out the door after them. As we approached the gate the din behind it grew louder. We all stood at a distance from the gate, on higher ground in the compound.

Chijioke was the first to speak hollering loudly so that Musa could hear him clearly “Musa! Open the gate” Musa flung it open and we saw the two police officers stride in casually, boldy holding their rifles. They were poised as if waiting for something to pop off. The noise from the crowd outside grew louder and then quieter again as the gate was shut behind them. Chijioke approached the gate and we all proceeded cautiously behind him. “Officer what’s the problem?”

“The boy has been injured by one of you and you need to follow us to the station”

There was no protest from anyone. There was no point, after all this was Nigeria land of the lawless and it was better to obey that to try and argue with armed men. I looked at Kenneth and could see the fire in his eyes. He had something to say but knew it served all of us best if he just held his words in. Unfortunately their uncle had no such restraint. Perhaps not realising the gravity of the situation he kept on trying to crack jokes with the officers. We could all see that they were not amused, but somehow he did not see it and kept on. Disbelief at this man’s inappropriate behaviour filled the air.

Things almost escalated out of control when after failing to make anyone laugh with his lame jokes he went on to gather cold sachets of pure water to offer to the officers. They refused and still he did not want to take no for an answer. Bursting a sachet with his teeth he threw his head back and poured the cold liquid down the back of his throat. After his last gulp he went to pick up another two and again offer them to the officers. This riled them up and they began to get irate,

“Are you stupid? I do not want water.”

The insult rolled off him and Uncle laughed and began to attempt to tell another joke. He was swifltly stopped by Kenneth who was annoyed by his uncle’s display of inappropriateness,

“Un-Coool. Please!”

He began to protest and then made a retreat back into his compound muttering as he left about people taking life to seriously and the like.

Chudi told the officer we would meet them at the police station and so they left taking the noisy crowd with them

At the station we arrived before the boy’s relatives and supporters who had been baying for blood at the gate. We walked to the barren front desk and told them why we were there. Clearly the incident was already known and the offenders Chijioke and Nebechi ushered into a back room leaving Kenneth, Nwoye and I there art the front desk fearful for what would happen next.

To be continued…

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