Abandoning Your Girlfriend On Holiday

Locked Out 266x300 Abandoning Your Girlfriend On Holiday

We woke up early to a French bread and boiled egg breakfast. We arrived at the Americans’ hotel just before half past 8. There is no minivan outside and only Dr Stovall and a couple of students are hanging around. It looks like the bus has been delayed.

Whilst waiting for the bus we are introduced to a Matthew and a Jacqueline who are professors on the program. We talk to them for the next hour, mainly about African culture and politics. Matthew is intelligent and kinda fine too. I only noticed his fineness when he took some of his bottled water and poured it onto his forearms to cool off. It was when I saw his bronzed smooth skin glistening under the clear water that I thought,

“Wow! This man is fine.”

I was somewhat awestruck. He had dreads too.

This is becoming a pattern. I can’t pinpoint when it started. I went from not liking dreads at all to wanting to run my fingers through some.

We are all nattering away and another woman comes to join us. She is tall and slim with dreadlocks pulled up high on her head. She greets us, the newcomers with a firm handshake and positions herself next to Matthew. He introduces her,

“This is Toni,

my wife.”

The man with the glistening forearm got a damn wife. I’d better stop dribbling.


We leave the hotel about 10am. The bus never does arrive. It is because it is clean up day. The country is meant to be getting cleaned up, so shops aren’t allowed to open. Neither are buses and taxis allowed to run before 1 pm. The African Union Summit is the next day (25th of June 2006) in Banjul where all the African presidents get together. I assume this is the reason for the “clean up.” Can’t let the leaders gather in a cesspit.

On our way back to the hotel we see the guy who was with the girl on the plane. We all recognize each other and start talking. We find out his name is Richard. We are all on our way to the hotel and so we walk together. He tells us that he has just come from looking for a gym, but was unsuccessful in getting his workout on as everything was closed because of clean up. I am thinking that the girl is definitely not his girlfriend. How can you be on your first few days on a holiday and you are off out by yourself looking for a gym. Is it that serious?

At the hotel we make our way to the bar/restaurant area and have a few drinks. It turns out that he is very well traveled, having been pretty much all over the world. While we are all sitting there talking the “girlfriend” walks past. He just nods at her and turns away. I am thinking, “What the hell is that?” He doesn’t introduce her, nothing. She heads to the pool which is still in sight and starts splashing around by herself. I ask him,

“So does your friend come on all your trips with you?”

“Yeah yeah, most of em. My boys are only interested in going to Tenerife, Ayia Napa, and places like that so I don’t bother askin em.”

I give Deborah an “I told you so” look. Not one to be outdone she goes about proving me wrong by getting directly to the point with him,

“So is she your girlfriend?”

“Yeah, yeah, anyway. . . “

I couldnt believe it. The guy just tried to keep it moving as if he didn’t want to talk about it.

Its funny Deborah and I were talking about what we would do if we were her and one of the things that was suggested was to just kick his ass out of the room. Lo and behold the next morning we saw Richard in his boxer shorts calling the girl’s name (I can’t remember it now) at their window. We pretended we didn’t see to spare him the embarrassment.

Him getting locked out didn’t stop him from coming to join us at the bar on other occasions for long periods of times without her. He never invited or introduced her either. If we asked of her he would change the subject. I found the whole fiasco very strange to say the least, especially since she didn’t know anyone there either.

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