Alcohol Abusers Wearing Lace Up Shoes

Old Drunk 275x300 Alcohol Abusers Wearing Lace Up Shoes

What kind Of footwear should an alcohol abuser sport? This is a question worth asking, and a question that before today had never crossed my mind. It is something that we should all think about because who knows when alcoholism shall descend upon us?

Today I went to a local shop to buy a lamb patty. On the way I passed a drunk who was having trouble tying his laces. At first I felt sorry for him because he kept spilling his can of Fosters (beer) on his shoes whilst trying to bend over. He was having such a problematic time that I felt like just tying them for him, but that idea was quickly tossed from my mind.

What if he spilt the beer in my hair?

There was also the vanity factor influencing my decision not to help this man. What if people saw? They would think that I was with him or even worse his wife or girlfriend, plus, what would I get in return? I could have asked him to double tie my laces as I like them done, but taking into account he could not tie his own laces how the hell would he have been able to do mine?

After I passed him I started thinking…

Why would you, as a alcoholic, alcohol abuser, drunk or whatever you wanna call it leave your house wearing a pair of lace up dress shoes? I couldn’t figure it out. If you know that your daily routine consists of downing can after can of lager, perhaps some spirits on top, pissing yourself, staggering through the streets and perching yourself on random walls, wouldn’t you want to ensure that was all done as safely as possible?

Do you know how dangerous untied shoe laces can be? Your head can get bust open like that. Now trainers (sneakers) with laces I can understand because in the drunk’s mind he is only thinking of the comfort rather that danger factor. After all, trudging the streets for hours on end can be pretty tough on the feet, but this dude was wearing black tie up dress shoes. Now, what the hell is that all about?

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