Another Job Interview Turned Disastrous

Fire Exit 300x175 Another Job Interview Turned Disastrous

I went for an interview and it went really well. I had a good rapport with the interviewers. It was very informal and laid back. When the interview ended I had a good feeling about it.

Maybe THIS was THE job!

As I left it was like I was walking on clouds. I was lightheaded and giddy. I walked down a corridor that lead off the room I had just been interviewed in, looking for the way out. I was slightly hot and in need of some fresh air. I saw a door nearby that looked like it lead outside. I pushed it open.





The bloody fire alarm went off!

It was piercing and LOUD I panicked I didn’t know what to do so I started to run out of the door that I just opened and was the cause of the noise and mayhem.

I was held back by a firm grip on my shoulder. It was a big butch woman who had a security guard’s outfit on. She was shouting at me and holding me up like I just stole something. I could barely make out what she was saying, but I knew she was chastising me for setting off the alarms. I kept saying sorry, whilst looking for another escape route. I wanted to get away from the area just in case my interviewers came past and witnessed the fracas.

My repeated apologies did not appease the woman. After I told her that I didn’t realize she pointed at the sign above and next to the door and bellowed,

“FIRE EXIT!!! It says FIRE EXIT!!!”

I mumbled more apologies, but she clearly thought I was up to some mischief and kept the stern and scolding expression on her face. I was escorted by her to the FRONT entrance, left to walk out whilst everyone milling around was wondering what criminality had led me to be being kicked out onto the streets.

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