Are Abusive Parents The Cause Of Childhood Obesity?

fat kid 300x198 Are Abusive Parents The Cause Of Childhood Obesity?

An article that caught my eye was about obese kids being taken into care. Apparently obesity was a factor in 20 child protection cases last year.

Overfeeding children is being likened to starving children. To an extent that is true as both have negative consequences but the difference is that parents who overfeed their children have different intentions to those that starve their children’s. Food is used as a treat, lack of food a punishment. Many parents think that they are showing their love by overfeeding their children. Although I was never fat as a kid and it wasn’t unhealthy stuff she would do it with my mother was definitely a “feeder.” If I said I wasn’t hungry she would be right there in front of me with a plate of food, and I wasn’t allowed to leave until the plate was wiped clean.

Often parents aren’t educated as to what healthy food is and what is not. Some of the kids that lived near me practically lived on a diet of fish and chips and pie mash. The reasoning being the potato is a vegetable right?

In fact I have a friend that always feeds her kid junk. She is trying to change but finds it difficult because she finds it hard to find the time to cook something from scratch and half the time she doesn’t realise what she is putting on the plate is pure junk. I remember I went there twice in one week and everything she gave the kid was deep fried and processed. When I told her that too many fried food were not good for the kid, she excused it by saying, “There is some salad on the sideā€¦ that is healthy.”

She also claims that she just gives the child what she likes because she does not want to buy her something that she doesn’t like and have her not eat it. Maybe she really believes this, but I know that this child can be persuaded to eat absolutely anything especially if she sees someone else eating it and enjoying it. When we go out to eat she will always try new things and when I take her to my mothers house she eats anything she is given without complaint, so sometimes parents think they are giving themselves the easy life, but it is all “trouble” that they have concocted in their heads.

So although starvation can be compared to overfeeding I think that the intent is almost always different, which I why it is not fair to take children into care that have been overfed. How much does it take to look after a child in care anyway? Wouldn’t that money be better spent appointing a nutritionist and trainer to the family that visit twice weekly?

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