Bad Breath Like Hot Trashy Wind

Bad Breath 300x300 Bad Breath Like Hot Trashy Wind

I am totally disgusted.

This motherfucker just walked in here, itching his balls like he had crabs. He stopped momentarily and then right before he got to my desk and he grabbed them two times, heavy all encompassing tugs. Ugh! I feel sooooo violated traumatised sick.

This motherfucker then decides to take the dirt encrusted baseball cap of his head (it was black all round the rim and all grayish everywhere else… keep in mind it was MEANT to be red and blue) and threw it down on the desk, like he was a pimp or some shit.

I was so shocked I could not move. I wanted to stand on the desk and start howling,


This motherfucker starts talking, and ***WHOOOOOOOOSH*** knocks me back. His bad breath was like trash being burnt, the foul odour that came from his crusty lips, like a hot trashy wind blowing in my direction. I couldn’t believe it. Bad breath is a bitch and a half. The gall of this man.

To top it up his crusty lips were lined with a white gunky build up. It had spread from the corners of his mouth to the middle of his lips. What a sordid sight! I had to get him out. His voice was like lift music, and by that I don’t mean pleasant and soothing, I mean it faded into the background wiped out by the ball tugging, dragon bad breath and build up at the corners of his lips. I waved him into the direction of another office and let them deal with him.

Let me just let you into the ordeal that occured just before thisone - a man, who looked like Chico from Pop Idol came in an a red crumpled shell suit. Now you know shell suits are creased up already, so you can imagine how this man’s attire was SUPER creased. As soon as he pushed the door a fried chicken smell started wafting towards me. Chico double walks up to me with an open brown KFC bag. As he stood before my desk he reaches into the bag and grabs a handful of chips (fries for all you Americans), enough chips to fit your hand but too many to fit in your mouth.

Why did this fool CRAM the chips into his mouth like someone who has never seen food before, and then attempt talking to me? WHY? I just do not understand. How can I understand you talking when you have so many chips in your mouth that you can’t close it? The ways of some baffle me I tell ya!!!

Oh what a day! I need to go home!

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