Barbecue in Salvador Da Bahia

Brazilian Acaraje 300x225 Barbecue in Salvador Da Bahia

So it has been almost a week since I have been in Bahia and I have done as I promised…which is to drink copius amount caiprinha and stuffed myself with acaraje. I have eaten so much of the stuff that I no longer get the runs from eating it. HOOORAY! I think my stomach has adjusted. At the moment I am sitting in an internet cafe opposite the beach. I promised myself I was gonna get a killer tan when I get here so that there would be no question that when I get back to the snowy UK that I had been somewhere. Well, I got myself a killer tan alright. My arms are as black as coal and sore as fuck. I have heat rash like I have never had before all over my arms… arrrgh.

Last night we had a barbeque. We bought a whole heap of sausages, steak, burgers and cheese plus loads of beer, cachacha and vodka and invited one of the guys we met on the first night, Jacyran to bring a few friends which didnt include his moody brother Carlos (or should I say “pretend” brother. So he brings Marcos and another guy Diego who I spoke to briefly on the beach on New Year´s Eve. It was funny when I first saw Diego I was like WOW! Some how I had imagined him tall and broad shouldered with this vibrant blonde afro however he was a bit of a squat when I saw him and the afro wasn’t as vibrant… never the less he was still good looking and somewhat sexy.

The barbeque went well. Neville from the UK came and also Augosto who I met on MySpace. Funny I had only seen his picture on here but I spotted him in a bar on the second night. Anyway when the BBQ was drawing to an end Kay and Jacyran have an argument about him generally being a greedy selfish cunt, in the midst of which she almost drops down and then starts throwing up. What a palaver! They got into it more because he said she drank to much and she kept trying to tell him that she has a stomach ulcer. To cut a long story short the guys end up staying over and then in the morning Wellingoton (A guy I met the last time I was in Brazil) comes to take me Neville and Kay to learn Capoirera on the beach.

What a mix up! I think he would have had a heart attack seeing those guys in the house so we decided not to open the door and go and sit on the top floor by the pool, but this fool is ringing the bell and calling from reception every five minutes for an hour and then starts screamimg my name through the door. We told the others it was the landlord ad they seemed to accept that. But in the end Kay had to go and tell him I went to the beach to look for him, apparently he didnt look too happy. Thats life for ya! There is so much more to tell but so little time!


  1. Abiola Lawal says:

    Hi Just wanted to know if something happened between Kay & Jacyran?

    He’s my boyfriend…or supposed to be.

  2. MsBeautySoul says:

    Cool! I’ll be back there Christmastime

  3. Shannon says:

    What a small world. Hey Abi!

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