Beyonce Huh?

Beyonce 300x300 Beyonce Huh?

My eyes were first drawn to the black and gold striped scarf upon her head. Her expression was surly, thick upturned lips darkened from years of smoking right down to the butt, pug nose, ashen brown skin and pop eyes frames by harsh square black frames.

Beyonce huh?

She said,


Sharp. Cold.

Wow! Is this the person with whom I am going to be spending the next two weeks with? The previously joyous atmosphere was smashed in an instant by her icy glare. Uncomfortability permeated the room and my heart sank. The only saving grace was that I would not be sharing a room with her.

I glanced over at Ashley. Oooooh Ashley so ever joyful and optimistic. She was beaming from ear embracing the new girl wholeheartedly with the glow that radiated from her eyes. She showered her with questions eager to get to know her. The answers were curt and nonchalant.

Rugged. Surly… Common.

Breathe in Breathe Out.

I concentrated on battling the negative thoughts out of my mind and keeping the smile on my face. I learnt that she was a student at university studying dance. She was excited to be here she said. She didn’t look it. If that was excitement I was scared to see her unexcited. This girl was going to be a problem and I knew it.

As fatigue was about to take me into the land of nod Ashley’s voice pierced the silence. She said just two words,

“Beyonce Huh?”


  1. LauLau81 says:

    Beyonce really brings happenis to everyone. A model to inspire for.

  2. Shulamit says:

    lmao… Beyonce indeed

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