Biting Nails And Acrylic For Toes

acrylic toe nails 22 227x300 Biting Nails And Acrylic For ToesMy toenails suck…

For as long as I can remember I have been a finger nail and toe nail (that flexibility has since gone) biter.

People ask me if I do it out of nervousness.

I say no.

If it is nerves then it must be in my subconscious. I do it because I enjoy it and sometimes because there is something in between my teeth and there is no floss to hand. In this situation I will bite the corner of the nail so it forms a sort of miniature toothpick. I will use this toothpick nail to jab out whatever is in between the teeth.

Sometimes this can go wrong and the nail will break off in between the teeth. This really really sucks if your teeth are close together like mine because then it is uncomfortable and the teeth are prised apart by the nail causing uncomfortability to the point where you have to go and get floss to deal with it.

In the case that nothing goes wrong and you successfully get out what is in between the teeth with the nail there is still the problem of having a half chewed nail. It cannot be used again (as a toothpick) because it will inevitably snag on your clothes and catch on things causing you to bite the wretched thing off.

I looove fake nails. I rarely ever wear them though because in that sense I am a tight wad. For a full acrylic set you have to pay £25-30 and then every two weeks another £15 or so on top for maintenance. So because I don’t want to shell out those sums of money week after week I walk around with my stubby chewed down fingernails.

When I do get the fake ones done I rarely ever go to get them refilled. For two reasons:

  1. They never look as good refilled as doing it from scratch. It is like when you wash and wear a white top for the fiftieth time… Looks mank.

  1. I get great satisfaction from taking the acrylic nails off with my teeth. I can’t explain it but I love it. It’s like the feeling I get chewing my natural nails times a thousand. It’s like an obstacle course that I just NEED to complete. Even if it takes me a week to get them off I’ll never go to the shop and admit defeat… NEVER! I don’t get it when I see people in the shop getting the acrylics removed. Sitting there for over an hour and paying for it too. Some people say there is less damage when you get them removed at the shop… I say WHATVER. After your nail protector has been filed down, glued up and had shit stuck on it your nails are FUCKED. End of.

The point of this blog was meant to be about false toenails. I don’t know what happened I just went off on a tangent. Well until today I never “got” false toenails.

Fingernails yes.

Toenails no.

False toenails always look ridiculous to me. Especially when they are long, curved and hanging over a sandal. I find that so gross. It is not cute at all. However, I do accept in some circles it must be cute because I have seen women at the shop getting them done.

I don’t use toenail clippers. There is no particular reason I just never have. When my toenails get longer than I would like I pick at them with the stubby nail of my thumb until it rips at the corner, then I tear it off, then use a nail file to shape it up Since I cannot bite my toenails this is the next best thing.

Today I went to tear off the top of my toenail and it went wrong. I ripped it off all jaggedy and too low. Now I have one freaky looking big toenail that cannot be saved. I am going to Trinidad on Saturday and it cannot grow back that quickly, so desperate measures are in order.

I never thought the day would come when I would say this, but here goes, I’m gonna have to get a false one. There is nothing else for it. Like they say payback is a bitch. I spent all these years cussing women with false toenails, now I’m gonna be one. What a bloody shame! LOL

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