Bleaching Cream Rots The Brain

skin bleaching Bleaching Cream Rots The Brain

This bleached out woman just came in to my work. Her face was so bleached and burnt that her lips had turned black and her skin was thin and with loads of dark blemishes, like she had been prodded a few times with a freshly lit cigarette. Her skin looked grey, not even brown and definitely not light skinned which is the look I’m sure she was going for burning herself up like that.

I think this is the worst case I’ve seen in a while. She had obviously tried to use it on her hands too because they were fucked up too, all wrinkled and grey with black knuckles.

What I don’t get is that these women who use the bleaching cream must have seen others that use it and know what it looks like. It doesn’t look good! Is looking like you’ve been burnt in a car crash really better that being dark skinned? She didn’t even look light skinned, just grey. I really don’t see the point.

Who the hell is the bleaching woman’s successfully bleached role model? I surely would like to know because I haven’t seen a successfully bleached woman. Even the “good bleaching” I’ve seen looks ridiculous,  black lips are not the lick, and they always get the black lips. She would have been better off getting a foundation a couple of shades lighter and coating herself with it until she had received treatment for her mental illness.

So anyway the bleached out woman asks me for some specific information about where you can take a British Citizenship Test. I tell her it is in the information stand in front of her. She walks around the information stand twice, so I thought she was sizing it up. Then she stands in front of it looking directly at the sign that says INFORMATION and says,

“Where is the information stand?

“Directly in front of you…The grey stand you are standing in front of.”

She stands there for a minute or two, obviously trying to process the information because her brain has rotted as a result of the bleaching cream, and it takes longer for her to process the info in comparison to your average person.

Then she picks up a piece of paper that says, “Grants for 16-18 year olds,” and says,

“Is this it?”

There you have it – Bleaching Cream really does rot the brain!


  1. getmelolly says:

    LMAO!!!! This is the funniest thing I’ve read today!!! LOL!!!
    But it’s also very sad! The black race does have some self hate issues! poor ting!

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