Booking My Brazil Apartment

Penthouse Brazil 300x224 Booking My Brazil Apartment
Its funny how you can do basically NOTHING and feel so tired… I have been going to bed before midnight (that is early for me) this whole week and I cannot for the life of me wake my ass up in the morning… It’s like some serious lethargy that I have. Work is REALLY quiet this week so basically everything is done… There is the bare minimum to do and I find myself trying to find ways to amuse myself, and still feeling mega sleepy in the midst of my self discovered entertainment. I even went for a walk at lunchtime in the cold with the top button on my coat undone and that sharp freezing breeze still couldn’t energise me. Lethargy is a bitch I tell you.

During the course of the day I started thinking about the apartment in Brazil I had booked and how the dude I was renting from still hadn’t replied to my email. (I have sent like 3 so you know that’s serious)

Anyway to give a bit of background information I emailed they guy about 2 weeks ago and asked him what was going on as I hadn’t heard back from him and I didn’t know what was going to happen when I got there… how I was going to get the keys etc… so anyway I get through to his phone in Belgium (after the phone had been cut off for the past week) and his wife picks up and after a lot of scuffling around he comes to the phone and sound surprised that I am calling.

He is not saying anything and so I asked him if he received my emails and he tells me he did but then doesn’t say anything more… So I tell him that the reason I am calling is because I don’t know what happens next with regards to the keys and the balance of the payment. So he tells me that his sister will be at the apartment waiting for me, and basically tries to end the conversation.. Well I shouldn’t really say “try” as he did end the conversation.

At this point I am super suspicious because he does not even know what time my flight arrives or anything, so it is in my mind that this guy is a con artist and what the hell am I going to do at this short notice and after half the money for the apartment is already safely in his hands?

I told the friend that I am going with the situation and she tells me that whatever the case, he can do whatever he likes because if he goes missing we will be breaking in and squatting (this is the same chick that told the travel agency that she would fire bomb their office because they printed the name on her ticket wrongly). Then my mind went even further astray and I started thinking to myself… Imagine the road and apartment do not even exist… What the fukkk would we do?

Anyway back to today… I was talking to my co worker about the situation and she encouraged me to ring him again, as he still hadn’t replied to my email giving him my flight details and asking him whether or not he could arrange a taxi from the airport. So I go to pick up my phone to call him and lo and behold my phone starts ringing (Super Sharp Shooter, is the ringtone in case you were interested) and its him!

And what a change, he sounded all chirpy and cheerful and was full of apologies. It was such a contrast from the last time we spoke where he was speaking in hushed tones and rushing me off the phone. He told me that he had been very busy which was why he hadn’t replied to the emails and apologised profusely. He told me that he would arrange an airport pick up and to call him at anytime if there were any problems or I needed to ask something. You cannot imagine how much lighter I felt after speaking to him. RELIEVED is an understatement… I tell ya!

But anyhoo it really did get me thinking about what I would be able to do if he did run off with our money after advertising a non existent apartment and the answer is PROBABLY NOTHING as he wasn’t attached to an agency or business, I would be at a loss. For peace of mind next time I rent an apartment I will make sure it is attached to something concrete… There is NOTHING like piece of mind!

I have just finished reading “Breath, Eyes, Memory” and it is a great book… very beautifully written about a Haitian girl who moves to New York and the conflicts between the traditional way is is dictated that she should behave and the “New World” way of behaving. I am definitely going to check out her other books now. For anyone that has read the book could you please explain to me the significance of “Guinea”? I was thinking it was the ancestral home but I wasn’t quite sure

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