Brazilian Rogue Trader Had A Prostitute Posted Up In My Apartment

Hooker Heels 300x225 Brazilian Rogue Trader Had A Prostitute Posted Up In My Apartment  Friday, January 19, 2007

You know sometimes you get an off feeling about someone and you don’t follow that feeling. You fight against it and convince yourself that everything will be ok. I got a funny feeling about Micheal Tes ky. I should have never gone ahead with booking an apartment from him. I mean who spells Micheal MICHEAL? That alone seemed dodgy to me right there.

I should have known that something wasn’t right when the pictures of the apartment that he sent were of the apartment that we booked the year before and knew was not available for the time frame that we were going to be there for.

I should have known that something wasn’t right when we sent our Brazillian friend to go and meet him to check out the apartment and our friend emailed me to say that the Micheal didn’t show up. He then emailed a few hours later to say that he has shown up to the internet cafe an hour later (10am) with a can of beer in hand and a prostitute on each hip.

At first I was wary because I thought he would take the money and run, however my Brazillian friend told me that even though the guy loved hookers and drinking all day he most definitely would not run with the money because he had asked around about this Micheal character and everyone in the vicinity knew him and that he rented apartments. He even had some chicks standing out on the street giving out his card like he was the apartment rental Mac Daddy. This lulled me into a false sense of security.

My Brazillian friend Alex went round to the apartment, and reported back that it was a pig sty. We then told Micheal that no deposit would be paid until the place was cleaned up. This was apparently done and Alex went back around there and then reported back that the place was now decent. The reason that I was so desperate for this apartment was because it had a private pool and barbeque area, the same as we’d had last year, which was good for having outside parties. So despite all the warning signs I collected the money and put down a 50 percent deposit.

I was not prepared for what I was to find.

On my first night in Brazil I arrived at the apartment luggageless and upset. Micheal, the owner and Alex were seated around the table in the living area. As soon as I stepped foot inside the apartment, they (Micheal and the owner) were banging on about money (this was about midnight.) They didn’t even want to show me around the place. I was immediately put on guard and told him that I had part but not all of the money. We are sitting and discussing the money and how I don’t have all of it cos my bank card is in my luggage blah blah,(AS IF) and how my friend was meant to pay the rest of the money, blah blah. So the guy knows I cannot pay all of the money right there and then. I tell him he will get it in two days when my friend comes. Why does this fool start telling me about his five kids? They ain’t mine… I don’t care

The owner is half asleep, takes the money that I have offered up and just walks out. I can see one of the bedrooms because the door is open and there are clothes hanging up on a rail. I ask Micheal,

“Whose are they?”

“Oh they must be the owner’s”

What the fuck? They knew we were coming and he has all his shit hanging up like that. I am pissed. Micheal calls the owner on his cell phone and a few minutes later he reappears, snatches the clothes off the rack and waddles back out with the clothes and his fat drunk belly trailing on the floor. Michael then gives this spiel about how sorry he is that I lost my luggage and how he has loads of contacts at the airport that can get me my luggage back. (YEAH RIGHT) He vows to find me some clothes and to do his best to make my time a good one. I am tired and just want to get to bed. He has the money, so I just want him to go.

HE then starts shouting,


Next think I know I hear this click of heels coming down the stairs that lead into the living area. I see the feet and they are attached to some HOOKER HEELS. They didn’t have a glass heel, but they might as well have. THERE IS SOME HOOKER IN THE APARTMENT. I just know she is a hooker. She comes to his side obediently and he asks the hooker if I can borrow some of her clothes… AH HELL NA! And can you believe the bitch screwed up her nose. I was ready for them to leave and I could see Alex knew it too. I took him into one of the bedrooms to explain that I wanted this guy and his hooker out. Next thing I knew Micheal was on his phone. A few minutes later the doorbell rings. Micheal answers the door. It is a black guy and he has a British Accent. What? He walks into the room,

“When I heard there was a British woman in need I came right on over.”

I give a half hearted smile. I WANT THEM ALL OUT. I just spent the night in Spain with no luggage. Then had to wake up and wear the same clothes to catch a ten hour flight to Brazil. I feel rank and am not in the mood to talk to these people. Micheal and the black British guy, Sasha are talking and the prostitute sits with a vacant look (Yes she was a prossie. Alex told me that when he arrived they were fucking on the stairs and then proceeded to take the party to the upstairs bedroom.) I am sitting there looking pissed and Micheal says to me,

“You don’t mind if we stay the night do you? Veronica can bring her clothes in the morning.” The rogue was trying to bargain with me… a night at the apartment for some hooker clothes. I don’t think so. Luckily Alex was reading my mind and got rid of them quickly. I later found out that they took the fucking party to Sasha’s apartment.

When Micheal leaves I have a look at the apartment. On first appearances it looks fine. Then I discover how rundown the whole place is… Plus the guy has left sexed up sheets on the bed. It’s just gross. I am sweating. there is no air conditioning and no fan. I go to take a look at the swimming pool. It is filthy. everything is just grubby. The kitchen is just unbearable. I have never seen a fridge rusted out like that and I have seen some ooooold fridges. Luckily I didn’t see any roaches on my first night, or I would have freaked out.

Within 2 days I discover a blocked toilet, 2 beds break (they are held up with one piece of wood and clearly rescued from a skip) and when my wardrobe door blows open I can see outside. NOT EVEN BRICK! THERE IS A WHOLE BACK OR THE WARDROBE MISSING! This isn’t even a small hole either. I could have easily climbed in and fell to my death. When my friend comes Micheal comes to pick up the money and to bring some sheets (which aren’t even clean either.) He waltzes in with his wife and FIVE children. This is just too much. My friend doesn’t have the money because she couldn’t get to a bank. None would let her withdraw after 11pm. He starts talking about Christmas presents for his kids and blah blah blah. He has told the wife they won’t be getting the money tonight and she starts bitching. I see red and tell him that his wife should stop bitching because they have been paid more than half and if there is such a problem then we can stay for as long as we’ve paid for and then move elsewhere. I then start ranting about the hole in the wall, the sheets and every other grievance I have,


He tries to make it like I am being a Madame, and tells me that Brazillian standards are different. My reply,

“Who the hell wants to sleep on sexed up sheets?”

He acts like he didn’t hear. Alex is still at the apartment and worried that if we don’t pay, the guy will cause trouble for him, because they guy has his details and made reverses charge calls to him the day before shouting about payment. After alot of arguing and false promises on the part of Micheal we pay the rest of the money, and of course he doesn’t do half of what is promised. He is too busy shoving white powder up his nose, drinking, fighting on street corners and sleeping with prostitutes.

Such is life, but remember is you ever go to Brazil and see this man…

RUN, and definitely don’t book an apartment from him!
It is a lesson learnt. Trust me when I go back I will NOT be booking anything in advance!


  1. Shannon says:

    Ha! Too bad I know several people that have encountered this guy and the stories just get stranger and stranger. Gotta love Salvador.

  2. Wow what a small world indeed! I had this post posted up before with his full name and he googled himself and got really upset with me… The guy is an opportunist, so if he thinks that he can take the pee then he will!

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