Did You Know That It Is Against The Law For A Black Woman To Travel Alone?

I had checked in my two pieces of luggage and had an hour and a half until departure. I went to the bar opposite the airport (the airport is tiny) for some rum and cokes with the little money that I had left, when I heard my name being broadcast all over the frickin airport on a tannoy. I didn’t catch what exactly what was being said with my name but whatever they were saying my name was repeated THREE times. I thought that perhaps I had missed something and the flight was leaving earlier than scheduled and I was late boarding. I downed my drink and rushed to gate 3 where my flight was scheduled to leave from. I told a man at the gate my name and was left standing while my name was being passed around in hushed tones like I was the target of some ongoing surveillance operation. Finally I was directed to a woman sitting behind a desk who told me, “I am police.”

My Last Days In Tobago

Back in Tobago I met up with Terje, who had come back from diving in Speyside and had been back a couple of days. Whilst there she said there was a Fisherman’s festival. On the Thursday we went to the beach at Mount Irvine. The sun was blazing! This wasn’t really a tourist beach so there were no parasols. We lay out for about 10 minutes before realising that we were torturing ourselves and moving underneath some trees where we promptly fell asleep for a few hours.

My 5 Days In Trinidad

On the day I am leaving I end up going earlier than my flight time with Jay to the airport because he told me I could go standby. BOOOO! There were no seats left and I had to wait for the next one! I had prebooked a room by telephone at La Calypso on French Street in WoodBrook under RP’s guidance. I like the area (lots of restaurants and I looooove food!), but the hotel looks like a prison. In one sense it is good because security is TIGHT, but then it leaves you wondering… why is it so tight? Did something happen there?

In Tobago I Found Out How Skinny People Stay That Way

On my last night we went and had dinner together at the Kariwak Hotel, and there was a buffet which amounted to TT$240 (£24 or $48) each which is rather expensive by Trinidadian standards. She had been talking about the place non stop for two days and when we got there all she ate was one piece of potato and bits of roasted vegetable. She picked up some mint lamb but never ate it. If I wanted to eat some roasted veg I sure as heck wouldn’t play that much for the pleasure.

From Buccoo To No Man’s Land

After the internet café, I went back to the guesthouse Candles in the Wind – The place I stayed, (pictured above) where first I saw the lady downstairs who was trying to get me to go to a doctor because I had a mosquito bite that had turned into a boil that was getting of control (as they always seem to do, does anyone know if an anti- histamine shot can prevent this problem?)

Drowning In Peppermint Oil

I woke up early determined to go and get a mobile phone sim card (I hate feeling out of touch) I would have got one the day before but it was Sunday and practically everything was shut. While I was getting ready I heard a knock on my door. Wearing my headscarf I flung the door open to find a man standing there. His name was Jay. He was American, originally from Trinidad and had just arrived. He introduced himself as staying in the room opposite. After the formalities he left and then I went and asked the lady downstairs how I could identify a cab as I hadn’t seen any that I could pick out as cabs day before.

Goat Roti and Shark n Bake On My First Day In Tobago

After watching the BET music awards on the TV until late late night. I woke up about 5 am and finished reading Kola Boof’s autobiography. I swear I would not have been able to rest until I finished it (it was that gripping) so it was a good job that I did so as soon as I got there. I love Kola Boof…She may come across radical but her observations are SPOT ON! I love the way that she doesn’t mince her words and is so raw with it.

Arriving In Tobago To Find My Luggage Missing

Delayed for 3 hours and finally lift off. The plane soared and I willed my body to a state of unfeeling (MY state of unfeeling as I rarely dream, which would be some kind of feeling) called sleep. And will it I did to forget the bone penetrating cold air that was working its way to my core. A cheap ticket… no blanket, certainly worth the trade off but I cursed myself for allowing myself to suffer in this way by not bringing my own blanket.

Welcome to Jamrock

Woman reading

Jamaica, Jamaica. Welcome to Jamrock! Virgin Flight 69. There I was fresh from the upgrade success in Brazil and ready to blag my way into business or first class. I tried my luck, to no avail. I was refused and took the blow like my name was Evander, proceeding to first class like a champ.