Roller Skating Down A Slope And Smashing My Knee

Remember I bought some skates. I called them my babies. Well let me tell you they are not my babies any more. I am calling time out from these bastards. So it is 7 in the morning and I’m at my mama’s house. I have my roller skates with me and my stupid ass decides to go for an early morning skate around the block. I exit… The house is on a gentle slope, or so it seems. Left is down and right is up. However this ain’t no game console. This is real life. I turn left. ***ERROR*** In seconds I know I am in trouble and I don’t know what to do. I pick up speed very quickly and I cannot stop.

Are Abusive Parents The Cause Of Childhood Obesity?

Overfeeding children is being likened to starving children. To an extent that is true as both have negative consequences but the difference is that parents who overfeed their children have different intentions to those that starve their children’s. Food is used as a treat, lack of food a punishment. Many parents think that they are showing their love by overfeeding their children. Although I was never fat as a kid and it wasn’t unhealthy stuff she would do it with my mother was definitely a “feeder.”

Even If You Are Black You Should Protect Your Skin From The Sun

always figured that my natural melanin was enough protection against the sun. I never used sunscreen, never burnt, never peeled and could never understand my friends who were darker than me that did use it. What was the point if your skin has an inbuilt protection mechanism? That was my thought process, until January the 30th 2007.

Biting Nails And Acrylic For Toes

My toenails suck. For as long as I can remember I have been a finger nail and toe nail (that flexibility has since gone) biter. People ask me if I do it out of nervousness. I say no. If it is nerves then it must be in my subconscious. I do it because I enjoy it and sometimes because there is something in between my teeth and there is no floss to hand. In this situation I will bite the corner of the nail so it forms a sort of miniature toothpick. I will use this toothpick nail to jab out whatever is in between the teeth.

A Step By Step Guide To Putting In A Hair Weave

So after work yesterday I went to meet Ruth to get the weave done. (Some of you may remember Ruth from before she was replaces by WWGS) I asked her how long she reckoned it would take and she said definitely by ten! YEAH right! I was out of there just past midnight. We finished about 20 minutes before but then spent that time fooling around with the camera. So here are the pictures:

My Hair Weave History

I had my first weave in 1999 when I went on holiday. It was my first time ever and I loved it (for about a week.)You know how Beyonce says that when she gets on a stage she becomes her alter-ego Sasha? Well I too have an alter ego when I go on holiday with a weave, but the only difference is, mine alter-ego hasn’t got a name yet. If you have any suggestions feel free to throw them at me!

The Day I Had A Tube Stuck Up My Ass – Colonic Irrigation

So on Friday I literally had the shit knocked out of me after work. Let me just say that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Emma (the lady that was doing the treatment) talked to me first about why I wanted the treatment (Colonic Irrigation in case you were wondering) and I told her that I had read up on it and thought that it might help my agonising headaches and bloating ( i.e. fat stomach LOL.) We then talked a little bit about my bowel movements and eating habits before I was handed a towel and sent to the bathroom to undress.

My Fears About Colonic Irrigation

I have five weeks exactly before I leave and my clothes don’t fit. What the hell am I gonna do? I thought that buying everything too small would give me the incentive to get into them. Looks like I’m going to be going halfway across the world with an empty suitcase. I think the only hope now is starvation, but temptation is all around me. To top it all of I went boozing. It’s not my fault! It’s all in an effort to be social. The only other thing I could think of that might help (apart from a gruelling exercise regime and starvation) is colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy. So I booked myself in to get it done after work TODAY. If this doesn’t at least flatten my stomach I’m DOOMED!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Serious Stuff

Extracted Wisdom Teeth

Two people that I know have had their wisdom teeth out recently, which got me thinking about my wisdom teeth experience. Both of them had their teeth taken out at the in the dentist’s chair. One had two taken out and the other had four. I don’t know how they coped. Both continued on their daily routines the day after. My experience was traumatic to say the least.

Natural Hair Is Disgusting

Nappy Hair

A few minutes ago, a conversation between me and the woman without the gallstones took place. It’s like we can’t even talk anymore. Every conversation turns into her making some kind of ignorant statement.