Disgracing myself at Superdrugs

Superdrugs 300x200 Disgracing myself at Superdrugs

So today after work I went into Superdrug’s (That is like CVS, Eckard or Walgreens for you Americans) to pick up a few bits and pieces. I got to the till and when the lady who was the cashier scanned through my facewash I thought I saw it come up as £3.99 despite being advertised as £2.49.

I picked up the face wash and asked her,

“Did this come up as £3.99?”

She replied,


“Oh I saw it advertised on the shelf for £2.49.”

She pressed the bell to call for assistance. You know where they get some skivvy running up to the till that gets sent to go and check the price, usually where the bar code has rubbed off. The skivvy comes and sees the face wash (Johnson & Johnson’s Daily Exfoliating Wash in case you were wondering) and says,

“Oh that is definitely on special offer.”

I am pleased that it is not an error on my part because there is a huge queue behind me and I don’t want to be responsible for pissing all these people off.

So the cashier rings it through again and the face wash comes up as £2.09…  even better! She then checks what she had rung up previously and remarks,

“It was £2.09 the first time. It never came up as £3.99″

I just look at her.

I’m wondering how this wench has turned this round to make me look like the bad guy. I had picked up the J&J face wash and asked her if it came up as £3.99 and she said yes. She could have said NO.

Then she says,

“It was the other face wash that was £3.99.”

Now I end up apologising to HER after she makes it look like it was the other face wash I was asking about, to the skivvy. So here I am having apologised to the wench and at the same time wondering how she managed to turn the whole thing around.

She hands me my change and thats exactly what it is…


I am not focused and all I see is £17.25 showing up on the cash register. I look in my hand but I don’t see any notes. There should be notes right?

I keep my hand extended and open with the change still in it and say to her,

“And the rest”


“The rest”

Her look is one of astonishment. I’m astonished too. I’m thinking, “the teeeeeeefing bitch! I repeat myself,

“My change…  I gave you £20.”

She gives me a look that is worse than the teeeeeeefing bitch look. It is a “YOU CRAZY BITCH” look.

Realisation dawns on me.


I feel like such a dummy.

£17.25 was not supposed to be my change. How the hell could it be if I bought 5 items? £17.25 was the total cost of my items. I closed my hand with change in it and flung the coins to the bottom of my bag, head lowered in shame.

I apologise profusely to her and try and make a joke out of it so I don’t look so crazy. She laughs a little but I can tell that she is still thinking that I am one crazy bitch. Whilst pretend laughing she says,

“I know it’s hot today, but I know the heat hasn’t made ME lose my mind.”

What can I say? I did act like a crazy bitch. I just pretend laugh with her and grab up my items and get the hell out of there!

I have never felt so embarrassed in my life!!! (Well I have but thats beside the point)

Please leave comments with your embarrassing stories so I can feel better about all this.


  1. SG says:

    This has happened to me before.LOL. But never on the same scale. A very good read.

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