Don’t Try And Feed Me KFC When I’m On A Diet

KFC 300x223 Don’t Try And Feed Me KFC When I’m On A DietFriday, December 15, 2006

If you are familliar with the woman without the gallstones where I work (WWGS) you will know that since my COLONIC IRRIGATION she knows that I am on a diet, which I’ve told her means no wheat, no dairy, no red meat and no fast food. She had been complying somewhat.

But today I think she thought that she would try to break me. She went to lunch before me today and she came back with a Kentucky Fried Chicken bag, which is quite normal for her, nothing out of the ordinary. she sits down at her desk and takes 2 paper bags out of the plastic KFC bag. She then presents me with one of the bags,

“I bought some chicken wings for you.”


I couldn’t believe it. After I’ve been sitting at lunchtimes eating oranges, pumpkin seeds, humous and rye bread, she brings me some flipping KFC.

I said to her,

“I can’t eat that.”

“But I’ve bought it now.”

“But I told you no junk food.”

“I thought you can eat chicken?”

“I can but NOT deep fried in batter.”

“So you’re not going to eat it?”

“Are you trying to lead me into temptation?”

She laughed and said,



Then the other lady at my job who’s office I doss in from time to time (The one who said the shit about overdosing on spinach) was asking me about exercising. I told her that I did 15 minutes of Tae Bo last night and my stomach hurts. She told me that I was “overdoing it” and that I was  “wasting away.” (AS IF)

Did Janet or pre babies Britney do 15 minutes of Tae Bo and get abs like that? Did Janet lose that 4 stones doing 15 minutes of exercise?


Then I came home and realised that I had left the iron on for 12 hours straight…

Now I’m a HATEFUL BITCH. I’m hating on the iron for using up all that electricity and eating into my money.

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