Even If You Are Black You Should Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Me Burnt 300x225 Even If You Are Black You Should Protect Your Skin From The Sun 

Experience is truly the best teacher.


I was never one for using protection.


I always figured that my natural melanin was enough protection against the sun. I never used sunscreen, never burnt, never peeled and could never understand my friends who were darker than me that did use it. What was the point if your skin has an inbuilt protection mechanism? That was my thought process, until January the 30th 2007


As some of you know during my Christmas Brazil trip the airline lost my luggage and so for a whole ten days I rewashed and rewore the same three or so outfits that I bought on the second day after arrival. When I did get my luggage on the day before New Years Eve I was so excited to see my beachwear that I took my happy ass down to the beach at something past seven in the morning with Natasha and Eva.


This was also a question of survival, because the apartment didn’t have air conditioning and come 8 in the morning… the temperature would soar rapidly and quickly become unbearable, so the only way to escape this would be to get down to the beach and near some water and sea breeze.


So as we go to leave out Eva is rubbing SPF 60 all over her face and body. She offered me and Eva some and we scoffed. We were trying to catch some sun… didn’t want any protection. The SPF 60 was so thick that it left a grey-ey white film all over her skin. There was no way I was putting that shit all over me, to be looking like Ashy Larry, and boy did she look ashy.She looked like a freaking ghost woman walking down to the beach.


When we got to the beach we got our chairs and lay out. When our beach dude Sinval came to offer us the parasols Natasha and I refused. In fact when Eva lay out under her parasol we moved our chairs away from her so we wouldn’t catch any shade at all. She looked at us in horror meanwhile we looked at her with her big floppy sun hat, thick white film on her face, and parasol with disbelief.


We lay out on that beach in the blazing heat for a good 7/8 hours, getting up only to hydrate the skin in the water and to wee. I felt fine directly afterwards and it was only a couple of hours after leaving the beach that I really started to suffer. My skin felt so tight. The next day I felt like I had just had a facelift. My skin was textured like taut leather and sensitive to touch. I couldn’t fathom facing any kind of sun, so I had to stay in for the whole next day and day after.


Come New Year’s Day I woke up to find my skin peeled off and pale around the eyes and nose cracked like a shattered egg and shoulders blackened like burnt toast. All these contrast of colours. I was horrified. I woke the house up screaming that I looked like Michael Jackson. Natasha too was peeling but not as bad as I was. It was so bad that I didn’t want to be seen.Everyone that did see me took to calling me Mike after my screaming episode in the morning.  Above is the picture that reminds me never to go out in the sun without protection


So since summer is coming around again… Here is the reminder to all you… NEVER GO OUT IN THE SUN WITHOUT PROTECTION!!!


Even if you have and abundance of melanin… and are not convinced there are any dangers to sun exposure, remember that Bob Marley died of skin cancer at the age of 36.

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