Fare Evasion On London Trains

This morning I got on the train without a ticket.

fareevader 289x300 Fare Evasion On London Trains

When I left from home fare evasion was not my intention, but somehow it just happened. (With the advent of people getting busted for things that they talk about in their blogs, I would not be surprised to be paid a visit by law enforcement sometime this week!)

As it was the Bank Holiday, the queue to buy train tickets this morning was horrendous. I had 5 minutes before my train was to come and there was no way that I would get served before the train’s arrival. For this reason I did not bother getting in the queue and drawing attention to myself, and in turn increasing the probability that one of the station guards jump me for not having a ticket. I took position on the platform and waited for the train.

When the train came I boarded. Whilst seated I rummaged through my bag to try and find my out of date train¬†ticket to flash at the ticket inspectors on the other side. *SHOCK HORROR* I didn’t have any out of date ticket to present on the other side! Horrific images are running through my head. Images, of the shame that awaits me at the other end. At least with an old ticket you can act like it was an accident. With no ticket at all what the hell can you do?

It is just before my stop and I have not thought of a plan. As I get off the train and walk up the stairs to where the ticket inspectors await, I figure I will just be truthful. What’s the worse that can happen right? I am about to pass the ticket inspectors. The only paper I have in my bag is a purple post-it. There is no way a flimsy square piece of purple paper will pass for any type of ticket. I think about flashing it anyway.

Then I put that thought to rest.

I am about to tell the truth

It does not happen.

I come before the inspector and start to explain, how I had my pass when I left home but it has just disappeared. It is a man I usually see, so he recognises me. I dont even get a whole sentence out before he waves me off with a smile in his broad Nigerian accent.

“Go on, gerrout!”

I scuttle out and continue on my journey.

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