From Roller Skating To Running From The Police


I wrote about the time I got almost carjacked with my friend Chris, and I mentioned that I had had other incidents with him… None of them are as dramatic, but here goes:

The first time I was at Chris’ house chilling with a friend and then we decided we were going to go roller skating at Cascades so we went to Walmart to buy socks, as we didn’t have any. Chris parked in a disabled space, waiting for us outside (Why I do not know… I didn’t even realize at the time.) We were by the tills about to pay for the socks when we heard a policeman talking to the checkout girls about some guy that they were looking for. The police man was showing the girls somebody’s license and asking if they had seen the person. I didn’t think anything of it, until my friend whispered to me that it was Chris’ license. I thought that she must have got it wrong… after all we just left him in the car less than 20 minutes previously.


So step outside the main entrance doors, Chris is there lurking there, “Quick, quick! We need to get out of here.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I tried to reason with him by telling him, “but they have your license.” I told him how the policeman went into the store asking the check out girls if they recognized him. After I told him this he was even more adamant that we get away. I just did not think it was that serious.

So anyway to cut a long story short. We finally persuaded him to go up to the policeman and let him know that he was still around and had not run off. The policeman was quite reasonable and ended up giving him a 200 dollar ticket. That was bad but apparently he didn’t have insurance and that was what he was worried about them finding out about.

So then we left Walmart (In Chris’ new Lexus I forgot to mention) and go to a bar in the Dec called Dugan. We go to park and Chris eager to start drinking his Belvedere, 151, and lawd knows what concoction, crashes into a pole in the parking lot, dents his car and smashes the rear headlights. Then we went into Dugans got crunked up and forgot it all happened!

The second incident was at a club. It was a Sunday night and we (me Chris and another friend) were going to Mirage. For people who have been to Mirage on a Sunday… this is one of the hoodest clubs I have ever been to in Atlanta. All the girls look like strippers and the guys look like pimps… Metal teeth are the order of the day. So Chris walked past this pimp looking dude who was with a gang of people and I don’t know exactly what happened but the guy was insisting that Chris had caused his plastic cup to get a hole in it (you know when you squeeze a plastic cup to tighly and it can get a straight line piercing in it) and that he had to get him a new drink… Why did Chris have to say to the guy, “I ain’t finna do shit.”

After ten minutes Chris is looking disturbed. The guys are planning to have him up apparently, so he thinks we should leave before it kicks off. We hadn’t even been in the club for an hour before we were sneaking out at different times. Chris suggested that we separate and meet at the car in case they follow him. So that was that night killed DEAD just like that. When I look back its funny. Perhaps if I’d have had my head smashed open I wouldn’t think so!

A couple months after the last incident I received an email from Chris:

My life has been slow — sort of. Well I haven’t gotten arrested or anything, but I do have a crazy story for you. Last friday night I was totally wasted I started my night drinking two 151 and cokes, the rest of the night consisted of pitchers long islands and whatever was left lingering at the bar. To make a long story short I guess my seeing The HULK earlier that day must have caused me to subconsciously jump onto some random cars hood, apparently the girl driving was drunk as well cause she did not stop the car. So I am on this moving vehicle looking into the eyes of the driver and her passenger as they laugh at me …..then all the sudden………..BANG! the chick rans into a tow truck. (with me still on the hood) Fortunately for me hood of the car folded up and threw me off or I would be missing a foot today. It was crazy when I jumped off I laughed at her saying “..Ah look what you did to your car..”

Any way I hope this reaches you or I typed it for nothing.

Your Atlanta friend


Well Chris is doing well… he is a teacher now… LMAO

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