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United Airline Upgrade Getting Upgraded To Business ClassFriday, December 14, 2007
It has been a rough rough night.

My eyes sting like I’ve been peeling onions.

As you must be aware by now today I am going to Brazil. (Washington DC—-Sao Paulo — Salvador)

Last night I couldn’t find my Brazilian money. All of it, despite it being in two different envelopes.

Ruth finished doing my hair at about midnight and then I spent the next three hours turning the place upside down looking for the money and sitting on the side of the bed just racking my brain as to where it could be.

I found one envelope on a bookshelf and one envelope under the bed despite covering those same areas numerous times, it took me until past 3′O Clock to see them.

So now I am up at 8.30 in the morning writing this, as I have to get my ass to the Post Office because some wench from ebay said the film I sent her didn’t play (I actually watched it before I sent it) and now I have got to go and send a replacement… BAH! I then have to go and get my feet done cos they look a right state and haven’t been unveiled in a while.

I have been up for the last hour because my mother turned up in her usual unannounced fashion with a bag of loofah and a bag of sanitary towels. Please don’t even ask me why because I do not know myself. In the bag there were all different types and colours Allways and I was baffled! Thats mothers for you!

I’m excited about this trip, but at the same time dreading the mammoth journey that lies before me. I’ve only taken 3 flights (back to back) once before and I SWORE I would never do it again… Well so much for swearing as here I am!

See ya when I get there!

The good news is that I’ve arrived in Brazil. The bad news is that I’m still not in Salvador!

I knew all this when I booked but I still went ahead so who do I have to blame but myself?

This has been one hell of a journey!

First the 8 hours or so to Washington DC and then the 9 and something hours to Sao Paulo, where I am now, at the airport at some internet/ post office/ telephone place.

I’m doing whatever I can to stay awake cos I don’t want to nod off on some airport seat and find my luggage gone!

Remember the blog where I asked how I could get into first/business class and you all gave me advice? Well I used it and I was semi succesful! Yaaaay me!

I got myself a United Airlines frequent flier card and wore some smart clothes (which I never do.) On the London to Washington DC leg, the seats weren’t going to be assigned until the gate. It looked promising as the guy that helped me do the automatic check in told me that it was a distinct possibility. Added to the fact that some guy came up to me and asked me if I was a singer or producer I was feeling rather lucky.

I get to the gate and what do they tell me?


I was there in economy suffering for hours. All the time I kept thinking of the next hellish flight I would have to endure and telling myself that if David Blaine can lock himself in a glass box for a month that it was nothing!

I got to Washington DC and my luck changed. I asked for an upgrade and BINGO! I got one. I was soooooooooooo happy. They were brinigng champagne around every other minute and pumping me full of gorgeous food… It was glorious I tell ya! I even slept for a good 5 hours straight and it was soooooooo comfortable! I was loving it!

So here I am now in Sao Paulo. I feel like a dirty wretch so I don’t even wanna venture out further than the front of the airport building. I went straight to go and check in for my next flight (leaves something past 7 in the evening) at 11AM. I stood in that queue for 2 hours just hoping I could get on something earlier.


The lady at the check in told me that all the Salvador flights are full, so I’ve had to stick to the original schedule which means hanging around for a good six hours. Its now almost 3 so I’ve got another 4 hours or so to go. I just had a manicure and pedicure since I didn’t get it done before I left.

Now I’m at a loss for what to do. I’ve been around the whole airport twice, been in every shop and there isn’t anything else for me to do… arrrgggggggggggggggggh!


  1. What were the tips you used to score an upgrade?? Have a couple long-haul flights coming up soon..

  2. I arrived not to early, dressed in a shirt and suit, presented my frequent flier card and simply asked and it was granted, however I have noticed any time that I have been upgraded in my life that it is an American airline. If u are a frequent flier your wish is likely to be granted. I got upgraded on one of the flights in the way back as well. Its worth a try!

  3. Ooh and the other thing is if you are not travelling alone its not going to work…

  4. Emm says:

    I think it is totally random! When we flew back to South Africa from Australia, we flew via Singapore. We were obviously the first to check in to the Singapore to Johannesburg flight (having checked in at Melbourne) and so when the plane was full, we were bumped up to Business Class. It was awesome!

  5. Damn, probably won’t be wearing a suit..but I have a FF card with the airline so will give it a try..

  6. You have to at least dress smartly. I met a guy in trinidad that flies first class because his mother works for the airline and one of the requirements is that he dress smartly so he always wears trousers, shirt and tie for travelling…

    The only time I have got upgraded when not wearing smart clothes is when they have no choice because the flight is fully booked and even then they will choose those who are more smartly dressed to upgrade.

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