Hassan The Computer Guy is Confronted By a Pregnant Woman

Peeping keyhole Hassan The Computer Guy is Confronted By a Pregnant WomanAugust 23rd 2006

So if you read  THIS blog you will know that my computer fucked up and then I ended up calling some Computer Tech Support dodgy dude named Hassan to come and fix it. I gave him next door’s address but ALAS! He found my ass anyway.

I came home from work early and put on the computer. My last ditch attempt at trying to get some life out of it, and BINGO BANGO! It came alive! It was like a motherfuckin miracle happening right before my very own eyes. It actually went through to the windows set up. I could not believe it!

Maybe it was a sign that Hassan was really a crook and the computer was my protector, bathing me in its light at this vital time. So I’m there happy that my computer can actually switch on, then a warning box pops up telling me that my memory is low. What the hell? I check properties and I have less than 1 Gigabyte left. Can you imagine? Before I did the system recovery I had about 60 GB left. What the hell is up with that? When one problem resolves itself, another pops up just to annoy the hell out of me.

After fiddling with the computer for a while and realising that I couldn’t do anything with it I retreated to the sofa to watch TV. Not long after I heard the front door bell ring. I kept my cool and just lay there watching the TV. The bell then rang again, and again and again. It was Hassan. I was sure of it. There was then silence for a few minutes before the erratic ringing began again. The neighbour must have directed him to me. Maybe he was pissed because the window was opening and the TV was loud as hell indicating that someone was home, but the door wasn’t being opened.

I started visualising the door being kicked in.

I rolled myself off the sofa and crawled to the bedroom, just hoping the Hassan bitch would stop ringing the door bell.

No such luck.

Every time I thought he had gone the bell would start ringing again. As persistent as he was in ringing that doorbell, I surely wasn’t going to open that door. After about 20-30 minutes the ringing stopped altogether, just in good time as I had to go and meet my friend Chrystal (the same one from HERE) at the tube station.

Coming out of the house to go and meet Chrystal, I looked cautiously around. I didn’t want Hassan or the neighbour to catch me. I made it to the station, got Chrystal and her daughter and came back home. We are sitting in the front room about to start eating when the doorbell starts ringing. Even though it was over an hour later I just knew it had to be Hassan. We all froze and just did nothing for about a minute. I hissed at Chrystal,

“It’s him!!!”

She knew the situation and was shocked that he had returned,

“Raaah, he’s brazen.”

Let me give you some background. Chrystal is heavily pregnant and is trying to make her way to the door to confront Hassan. I’m pleading with her,

“Just ignore it.”

She isn’t having a bar of it,

“What are they gonna do? I’ll just tell them they got the wrong door.”

Chrystal busts open the front door like,


She bust open the door with so much attitude and then it all changed in an instant, voices are muffled. I’m not hearing her tell them that they have the wrong door. She is apologising. I’m hearing bits and pieces,

“It was my sister…

      Sooooooo sorry…

              She tried to call you back to cancel…

                        Sorry to waste your time…

                                      She took the computer to our brother’s house…

                                                           Sorry again…”

When she came back I asked her,

“What was that about?” I thought you were just going to tell them they got the wrong address and finished. Now they might come back for a revenge attack for wasting their time.”

“Naaah, they were pussies. That’s why I didn’t tell them it was the wrong address.”

“Now, how do yooooooou know they were pussies?”

“Because they weren’t menacing. If they were menacing I would have stuck to the story. I felt sorry them. They were even wearing suits. They can’t do shit.”

And that was that. We continued eating our food

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