He Was A Gold Digging Selfish Pig

Money 259x300 He Was A Gold Digging Selfish Pig

She (lets call her Tina she will identify herself is she wants to) had got a new boyfriend, whom she had known for years approximately 15/16 years. She had been very good friends with his female cousin during school days. She met him through her (lets call her Bryony)

She always had a crush on him, but he ended up sleeping with a few of her friends and his cousin warned her that he was bad news so she stayed away. Over the years they didn’t see each other much and he got married.

Bryony would keep her updated with how he was doing, and that was pretty much the extent of her contact with him. Bryony was pleased that this woman (his wife) had been able to tame her wild cousin and was forever singing his praises about him being a “reformed man” In 2002 he was separated from his wife. Turns out that she was looking to marry someone to stay in the country when she was allowed to stay indefinitely he got kicked to the curb. Her husband (I’ll call him Eddy) fell into a deep depression, and ran off to his brother’s house in the United States to wallow in his depression. Time is a great healer and he picked himself up after another year.

Fast forward to 2005, and Tina and Eddie met again accidentally in a bar for the first time in years. The chemistry was instant and they were soon joined at the hip. Throughout the years Tina had maintained a firm friendship with Bryony, and now that she and Eddie were an item she was reluctant to tell Bryony about it until they were really serious. She thought that in Eddie she had found her dream man. She dreamed of becoming his wife, building a home, and having children with him It was very much a whirlwind romance, HOWEVER THE WARNING SIGNS that he was not the ideal man for her were there from the very beginning and here they are:

1) When they first got together Tina went to visit Eddie (they live in cities, roughly 3-4 hours apart.) Eddie didn’t have any food, so they went to the supermarket to buy some. She was picking up a lot of stuff and so was going to pay for it; she asked him if he was going to get anything as he hadn’t put anything in the basket. He picked up a few things and they went to the checkout desk. When they got to the checkout, he walked off, and stood on the other side, so that she had to pay the full bill, not even offering anything towards it. When they got back she cooked the food and what was leftover she left for him to eat during the week

Now when he comes to visit her there is always food, and if she invited him over and dared to have a bare fridge she would go and buy food with HER OWN money. Now when I heard this, it was clear to me that this guy was a timewaster, but what can you tell someone who thinks that they are in love?

2) He came down to visit her and was in between jobs (he had started a new job, but failed the tests that they were given in the first few weeks). They walked past a trainer store and he saw some trainers he liked, after he had gone home he called her on the Monday morning and asked her to get the trainers and told her he would pay her back the next time he saw her.

Now you know your ass is broke. Trainers should not be your focus Plus the fact if you are not in steady employment you know full well you are not going to pay it back.

3) One time she went to visit him and he had cooked stewed meat with rice. He served his food out and then hers. He piled her plate with rice and then began fishing around for the smallest pieces of meat to give her, counting them out carefully to make sure she didn’t get too much. He gave her 2 small bits of meat She complained, “Is that all?” In her recounting to me she said that it was like she had stabbed him with a knife by asking for more meat, “Well if I give it to you, what am I going to eat tomorrow?” He said before grudgingly slapping one more measly bit of meat on her plate.

4) They hadn’t been going out for long before he was asking for loans Now to me that is a big red flag. Even though you have known each other for years he barely REALLY knows you. Doesn’t he have family or friends?

So first of all he asked for 700 to tide him over until his first pay. He told her it was for rent, food and transport. She lent it to him despite being in a mountain of debt herself. He went and bought clothes with it when she questioned him she was told,

“For my new job innit I have to look smart.”

After she had lent him that all of a sudden he was about to be evicted and needed 600 to pay rent arrears. By now she was beginning to feel a bit used and decided to put her foot down. Instead of him to feel embarrassed he asked her to withdraw the money on credit cards. She made up a lie about tearing them all up and he was still trying to ask if she had the numbers written down anywhere.

I think by now she kind of knew he was a loser and was starting to see through him. This guy didn’t even have bed sheets on his bed, he would sleep on a smelly fur throw that hadn’t ever seen a washing machine.

The inevitable happened and they broke up. Of course she wanted her money back and this is where it all started to go messy. As soon as he realised she was after the money he stopped picking up the phone. She ended up having to go through Bryony to relay messages to him. He didn’t seem like he had any intention of paying it back.

So she wrote him a letter about coming to a payment agreement and on failing that taking him to Small Claims Court. The best he could come up with was an agreement to pay back 50 a month. Now my calculations tell me that that rate of payment would take over a year to be paid back in full, now that is some BULLSHIT and Tina thought so too. The time came for him to pay the money back and he didn’t deposit the first payment.

She called him and he wouldn’t answer or return her calls. She started sending text messages and leaving messages on the answering machine calling him a bum, loser and various other names. When he finally called he told her that she had “forfeited her payment” due to her abusive words. That sent Tina over the edge and of course she abused him some more

This guy turned Tina crazy. She started talking about justice “by any means necessary.” She started talking about saving up for a hitman. My immediate reaction was,

“You want to kill him for 700? Is it really worth it?” She said, “No,” she didn’t want him killed, just kidnapped, roughed up and shown what’s what.

I explained to her that kidnapping is still seen as a serious crime and if she was discovered to be the master planner of such a scheme, could go to prison for it.

She later agreed with me and decided that it wasn’t worth going to prison for but vowed to harass him until she got the money back. Bryony had a word with her and told her that she should forget about the money for now because she will only wind herself up. That kind of says that he has no intention of EVER paying her back if his own cousin is even telling her to leave it.

If you (guy or girl) were in the same position what would you do?

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