I Chat Up a Man At Work Today

Dreadlocked 205x300 I Chat Up a Man At Work Today

I chat up a man at work today.

I wouldn’t normally do this… (Well maybe that’s a lie maybe, I would if anyone that took my fancy ever came into my place of work which they don’t EVER, apart from today) but I chatted up a man at work today, approximately ten minutes ago.

Luckily I was working alone, as the woman who had the gallstones removed went home early which afforded me the opportunity to zone in on my prey. Oh my! When he walked through the door I nearly had a heart attack. Tall, clear golden/bronzed skin, locks, eyes you could drown in and lips that could hypnotise. I was trying to compose myself and act normal but I must have come across as a lunatic He walked towards my desk, and I couldn’t stop giggling, so I tried to make it like I was laughing at something on my computer screen when in reality I wasn’t It was a nervous laughter I just couldn’t hold in.

So he is talking and I was trying to pay attention but I was just distracted by his eyes and lips. I didn’t want to look like I was perving so I tried to look past him nonchalantly. He had me in a daze. I didn’t want him to leave so I started looking up stuff for him. He said he had just come to London 4 days previously from Portugal *BINGO* perfect opportunity. I’m learning Portuguese I’m thinking of a way to work this into the conversation… when WHORE OF BABYLON walks into the room! Bloody hell!

Ok ok she wasn’t really a whore of Babylon, she was just a regular woman wanting some advice, but damn! I wanted to get her out quick. So she is babbling on and on I hoping HE doesn’t leave and I continue talking to this woman. So I give her an application form to fill in, thinking she is going to take it away with her, but NO she wants to sit there and fill it in. 5 minutes later he is still in a corner rifling through some information I gave him and the woman had finished filling in her form. I take it from her and then she says to me,

“Can I have another one to fill in for my friend?”

No! No! No! I say yes, smile sweetly and give her another form.

Meanwhile hunk of a man comes back to my desk and asks about English courses. Seizing my opportunity to bide more time before I make my move I give him the form and tell him to go and sit and fill it in. While he does this the woman comes back and gives me the form she filled in for her friend, and leaves YAAAAAAY!

Two minutes later Neville comes in. I don’t know what is up with all these interruptions. I tell him on a post it that there is a hunk of a man in the room who is from Portugal and that I am about to try and chirps (chat up) him. Neville then (bless his heart) starts talking random stuff,

“Did you book your ticket to Brazil yet? Didn’t you say you are going to go through PORTUGAL this time.”

Then he leaves, winking as he goes.

Hunk of a man then comes back to my desk and expresses his disappointment at not being able to get an English course before September. He asks if I have been to Portugal, clearly as a result of Neville’s loud chat. I tell him no, but that I am learning Portuguese because I am planning to go to Brazil and that I wouldn’t mind going to Portugal. Then seizing the opportunity before anyone comes in I tell him,

“I can teach you English and you can teach me Portuguese, like a language swap?”

His eyes light up *BINGO* the first hurdle is over!

He takes my number and I clutch the application form with his number on and we arrange to meet on the weekend. Woooohooo!

NB: I normally am the professional at work really I don’t chhat up men and I don’t shit in the bathrooms LOL

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