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So on Friday night I left work and went out with Kate for a few drinks. I took her the letter from Mr Shaky lip. Unfortunately I was running late and so didn’t have time to frame it. She told me that she had still thought (up until I showed her the letter) that I’d had made up the line about her having fine “milk containers,” AS IF!!!

We went to Cork’s wine Bar and ate cold fish and chips, even after I told the guy to heat it up it was only just warm… PISSED! I should have known better than to go and eat in a grotty wine bar anyway. Kate told me about her Internet dating experiences. A friend of hers had met her husband on this iame UK dating website so she decided to give it a go. So far she had met up with 5 guys and one was “alright.” Some of her dates sounded like nightmares and the one who was alright she was not particularly enthused by. It sounded like none of them were particularly nice to look at and dull as dishwater to top it off.

Which brings me to the question, is a dating site a suitable place for a girl in her mid twenties to find a decent man? I personally wouldn’t do it because of the pressure. Joining a dating site says, “I want a man now!” When you meet someone you don’t have a chance to get to know them and make up your mind about them because you have said that that’s what you want and they will assume that you want them. Imagine you meet someone and they check all the boxes but you just aren’t feeling them, how do you explain that to them? Then there is the whole thing of going on awful dates in the first place… that to me is not fun at all! What if you want to leave half way? How do you do it? Then if it is awful and they want to meet again, there is the stress of telling them no and them probably asking why not… Too much stress!

Drinks at Cork’s were 2 for the price of 1 so we ended up having a bottle of wine each even though we had both specifically expressed desires to not drink that much,  it was inevitable and after half a bottle of wine I was feeling tipsy. We finished the two bottles in less than 3 hours and so left to go home. On my way home I got a call from Charlene who was out with her 17-year-old sister celebrating her birthday, so I went to Brixton to join them.

When we got to Fridge bar I started alternating between brandy and coke and water, in order to curb any future hangover. Charlene’s sister had on a micro mini. It’s funny how young girls wearing these tiny clothes always shock me. I am just a hypocrite because I was a tart even younger than that. I used to love my minis and if anyone had told me my skirt was too short then I would have thought they were crazy.

It was her first time in a club (she’s a late bloomer) and she had been a bit scared about going to Brixton. Charlene had her drinking alcopops (when were that age we were on spirits) and she seemed to loosen up and enjoy herself, although she did say that all the guys in there were oooooooooold. I didn’t see any much older than me so it just goes to show how the teenagers consider being in your 20’s ooooooooold today.

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