I’ve Left Brazil And The Rogue Trader Wants Money For A Light Bill

MSN Messenger 300x278 Ive Left Brazil And The Rogue Trader Wants Money For A Light Bill Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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So I’m on MSN messenger a couple of minutes ago and my Brazilian friend, who we sent the money to to pay the agent for the apartment we rented came on and tells me how the agent called him asking him for money for the LIGHT BILL.

I can’t believe the nerve of this man. He is a con artist to the core. My friend lives with his parents and so this guy thinks that if he calls and upsets his parents enough he will cave him and give him some money to fuel his lust for hos and cocaine. He is a lunatic. He thinks that he can come up with any crazy request he wants. How dare he!!!

I was so pissed that as my friend was typing to me, telling me what the guy was saying to him I was trying to call the rogue in Brazil, only to find out that I had no credits left on my phonecard… arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I just wanna abuse him so bad, but I had to settle for an email.

This is the email I just sent the son of a bitch:

Dear Micheal,

It has been brought to my attention by XXXX that you are requesting money from him for the light bill.

When you rent an apartment utilities are INCLUDED. If they are not then this should be stated from the outset. The contract (which there was none) did NOT state this.

I have already told you, from the time that you reversed charges to XXXX parent’s home that the agreement for rental was between you and myself. As you are aware there were four people staying in that apartment which did not include XXXX, so why you continue to harrass him is something that  is beyond my comprehension.

I am totally appalled at the exorbitant amount that you charged us for that shoddy “penthouse.”The pool was cleaned once, the toilet was blocked, two beds were broken, the back of the upstairs cupboard was partially missing which could have caused a tragic accident, there were soiled sheets left on the bed and the place was completely rundown, so it is an absolute audacity for you to even mention a LIGHT BILL.

You have proved yourself to be a conman as opposed to a professional agent.

I was prepared to let the matter rest and treat it as a lesson learnt but since you continue to HARRASS someone that has nothing to do the matter I shall have no choice but to pass your details to a solicitor here and let them deal with the matter.

I shall also be contacting the British Embassy in Brazil and the local police with your details as well as the owners’ details.


CRAZY BITCH (OK so I put my name LOL)

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