Karaoke In A Lisbon Bar

Thursday 10th April

After trekking the streets we finally found a place that had room for four nights, on Rua Dos Bacalhoeiros.

 Portugal1 225x300 Karaoke In A Lisbon Bar

 Portugal2 225x300 Karaoke In A Lisbon Bar

At 35 Euro a night it was even cheaper than the hostel, clean and in a great location above a restaurant. It was a guest house run by two old ladies. We were estatic and paid the deposit immediately.

 Portugal3 225x300 Karaoke In A Lisbon Bar

View from the balcony:

 PORTUGAL5 300x225 Karaoke In A Lisbon Bar

Happy that we had somewhere to stay we headed back to the hostel and decided to go out to a club, only we didn’t know any clubs or anyone to take us to one that night, so we consulted it guide book, and decided on an African club called Ritzy.

Back at the hostel we met our two roommates for the first time. They were Olga and Suzy from Germany, two German girls that were putting on their pyjamas as we walked in. We did the formal greetings and then made small talk. We found out their day of visiting parks and churches had worn them out to such an extent that they were ready to sleep by Ten O’ Clock

We put on the short shorts and slapped on our faces and heels. They stayed quiet and looked on disapprovingly.  I could hear their silent prayers for us. I wouldn’t have been surprised to find out that one or both of them were clutching a rosary under the duvets.

Me in the hostel bathroom before going out:

 Portugal6 225x300 Karaoke In A Lisbon Bar

With guide book in hand we hailed a cab not far from the hostel and gave the driver the address of the first club on the list. When we got there the place was closed. Closed, as in it didn’t even look like a club was there at all… BUMMER! There was however a bar next door. Ruth went to investigate. Turns out it was a women’s bar, so we decided to move on, to the next club from the guide book, Kremlin on Avenida 24 de Julho.

Despite the book saying that it should be open; that too was closed. There was however a bar next door to it, so we decided to finish using the book as guidance and just go to this bar next door to Kremlin, no matter what music they played or who was in there. As we walked in Eminem blared through the speakers. Everybody in there was casual wearing jeans, shirts and jumpers and we walked in half naked… We soon found out it was Karaoke night, and Ruth quickly took her place behind the mic.

 Portugal7 225x300 Karaoke In A Lisbon Bar

They went crazy for her. Each song she finished received rapturous applause. People approached our table to tell her how good she was. This man in particular kept insisting that she do a duet with him before we leave:

 Portugal9 225x300 Karaoke In A Lisbon Bar

We stayed there for a few hours and had a couple of drinks. We got a recommendation from the bartender for some other places, but he didn’t know the addresses.

The bartender and me:

 Portugal10 300x225 Karaoke In A Lisbon Bar

We hailed a cab outside the karaoke bar. By now it was just before 2AM. I asked the driver if there was a club nearby and he drove us to a place called Docks. Funny it was one of the places that the bartender had recommended. It was sparsely populated but the music was good. We were so excited to be somewhere that we started doing tequila slammers. An hour later and the details of the night get hazy. I danced like a crazed woman and argued and then made up with some guy that was trying to talk to Ruth.

Back at the hostel I do not even know how I made it to the top bunk (I’m sure Ruth will be blogging about it.) Ruth tells me that I fell out of the bed more than once. What’s strange is that I didn’t feel bruised the next day. The only wreckage was the state of my Worzel Gummage hair after sleeping sans headscarf. I reckon I must have jumped rather than rolled, out of the bed.

Apparently after all the noise I was making Olga and Suzy started whispering furiously, to which Ruth retorted in her drunk state,


When I hear that part of the story I can’t stop laughing because I was the one making all the noise and she told THEM to SHHHHHH! It was a good job that we left early morning so there was no need to face them. As soon as we woke up we checked out and headed to the new place and slept all day.

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