Losing My Luggage at Madrid Airport and Getting It Back Again

Air Europa 300x212 Losing My Luggage at Madrid Airport and Getting It Back AgainMonday, January 01, 2007

 I got my freaking luggage back… Ten years later!

Yesterday I burnt my eyes…

and my nose, I feel unbelievably sore. This morning I couldn´t even rub cream on my face. It was so sore that I had to blot in on with cotton wool balls. I´ve smeared aloe vera cooling and soothing gel all over my face and body and I´m still hurting bad bad bad on mainly around my eyes and my nose. When I lick my lips it feels like they are about to bust open!

I do take all the blame. When I recieved my luggage on the 30th (Can you imagine? I left the UK on the 20th… THOSE BASTARDS!) I got so excited that I took my ass down to the beach at 8 in the morning and didn´t leave until 3 in the afternoon. I didn´t feel the full effects until a few hours later.

I was going to post a blog every few days and the reason I haven´t done so is that I was so pissed at my luggage not arriving that I wouldn´t have been able to post a blog without every other words being,




So I stayed away.

Well I finally got my luggage 10 freaking days later. I have been through hell and back trying to get it and I predict my phone bill will be at least 300 POUNDS.I am cancelling my direct debit. I have recieved no compensation for this “delay” and no one seems able to tell me how to claim. I have been on the phone to AIR EUROPA and AIR COMET PLUS in Spain and here in BRAZIL multiple times a day. Every time I called they told me that it was sent on the 22nd, to just wait. They LIED! every day they would tell me that it would be on the flight the next day. I even took my ass to the airport on Christmas day… and spent half and hour with on of the girls in the airport trying to call Spain. NO LUGGAGE. Finally on the 27th when I called AIR PLUS COMET in Spain they told me that the claim was CLOSED and that I had the luggage. Of course I told them that I didn´t and they would pretend to log my call on the computer. When I would call back they would give me the same,

“Your claim is closed.” bullshit.

I called the airport here in Salvador, and one of the girls who had been dealing with me said,

“I don´t know what to say. There is nothing we can do now. I´m not gonna tell you to wait anymore. I don´t know where the luggage is.”

I ask her who I can speak to to find out where the luggage was sent and who signed for it and she tries to give me a customer care call centre number in Spain. I was soooo upset.

Then on the 30th of December there is a breakthrough. I call Spain and a guy tells me that my luggage is being sent the next day. Noone can tell me what went wrong though. The next day on New Years´s eve I call back to confirm and the bitch on the phone tells me that the luggage was sent on the 22nd. Its like I was back to square one. When I ask her what I can do now. She tells me she doesn´t know. By now I am virtually having a heart attack and so she tells me that she will contact the airport and find out what is going on. She tells me she will call me back. I know this is lies because in these ten days that I´ve been walking around like a homeless NOT ONE PERSON from the airline has called me. they repeat the,

“I´ll call you back” mantra every SINGLE DAY!

So I wait half an hour and call back. It´s YOLANDA from air plus comet. The same chica that was calling the airport for me. I give her my reference number and she tells me she hasn´t called yet. I ask her when she will and she tells me,

“When I have time.”

I finally get her to agree to call back within the hour. Did she? OF COURSE NOT. Six hours later I call back and a dude answers the phone. I give him my reference number and he tells me that my luggage will arrive on the 30th at about 9.30pm. He says it will be delivered to me at the apartment (as if?) when I finish that conversation with him. I call my contact at Salvador Airport and she tells me they will not be sending it to me because it is Air Plus Comet´s responsibilty and not theirs (Air Europa.) I am pissed because I booked with Air Europa and they use Air Plus Comet for the London to Madrid portion of the flight. I figure it will be best for me to go and pick it up myself so I get on the hour long bus ride to the airport and pick up my suitcase.

I am glad that I have my suitcase back but pissed that I had to go through that unnecessarily. My case was just sitting in Madrid meanwhile I was calling everyday and trying to get it back and noone was giving a fuck. The amount of extra money I´ve had to spend has been more than silly!

Thanks to Marianna for hooking me up with some of her clothes and letting me know that drinking at 8 am is the way that it´s meant to be! That handwashing in the bathroom sink was getting unbearable!

Also thanks to Shay for a GREAT Christmas day and night. It was fun hanging out with you guys!We went to her uncle´s hotel in Lauro de Freitas (After the airport debacle) and I swear we were the last to leave. They was great food, and beautiful surroundings, plus it was great that I beat everyone in Spades and Black Jack (OK, that was a lie but I didn´t come last on one occasion…YAAAAAY ME!)

There is so much more to tell, but I´ll save that for another time!

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