Major Terrorist Attack – No More Hand Luggage

Hand Luggage 300x225 Major Terrorist Attack – No More Hand Luggage August 11th 2006
I turn on the radio at work. This is what I hear:

10 planes targets

Hand luggage. . . liquid explosives

attack imminent

                                              High alert.

                                                                                   Raids last night

                                                                   21 arrested.

I did not know any of this till I got into work. This morning I arrived at the tube station and there are signs up saying that if you are travelling to the airport that no hand luggage is being allowed, apart from absolute essentials in a plastic bag. At this point I am thinking,


I can’t figure out what is going on but I continue on my journey. When I get to central London to change tubes, I see a tube pulling away and there are 2-3 police officers in each carriage, standing upright at the doors like security guards. Now I am concerned something must have happened.

As soon as I got into work I turn to BBC London (radio station). The following story is the talk of the morning:


The radio station has a call in and people are giving their views on the situation. One woman is saying that she is never getting on a plane again and another is saying that because a Member of Parliament has resigned  the government is trying to deflect from that that which is why they chose today to announce the news. The majority of callers seem to think it strange that the government chose today to close down the aiports and cancel flights when the plot was supposedly “foiled.” If the plot was foiled and they do not have a set date when the attack was meant to take place then why all this ruckus TODAY?

I do not know what is going on. I can’t figure it out. I do know one thing though. I need to watch the news more. This is what happens when you are addicted to reality TV. . . You do not know what the hell is going on in the world!

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