Meeting Up with Crusty Lips At The Rossio Metro

Rossio Metro 300x194 Meeting Up with Crusty Lips At The Rossio Metro

I was awoken at 7′ something in the morning to the sounds of Ruth struggling with her suitcase. I must have been knocked out to not even have woken up until then. I was sooo glad to not be leaving that early and to still have a few hours until checkout at noon. So off Ruth went to the airport and I went back to sleep.

While I was getting ready to vacate the room I got a text from Flavio (Remember him? He had the crusty lips) asking what time I was leaving. I texted back that I was going to the airport at 3pm. He wanted to meet before then so I agreed to meet him at the Rossio Metro to kill time before my 5.50 flight.

Maaaaaaaaan, what a mistake! I don’t blame anybody but myself. He slightly got on my nerves the first time, so why did I even go and meet him again? This time it was even worse because Ruth wasn’t there so he felt he had the freedom to be as slimey as he wanted. I swear he was wearing the same clothes and not only were his lips crusty again, but this time he had what looked like damp bread between his teeth. Do you know what I mean? The gaps in his teeth were filled with this wet bread looking stuff; it was gross.

I mean you have the right to let your lips get so crusty that the skin on them turns into cornflakes and drops off and to eat bread until your teeth turn into ciabatta sticks but NOT when you are trying to look sexy and entice somebody to kiss you. I even shudder at the thought. We went to this sandwich bar, where I ate a sandwich and he drank beer (they sell beer in McDonalds too) He was using this low voice to try and sound sexy (ugh) and kept moving too close when he was talking. Talking bout,

“We can be veeeery close friends,”

Then in the next breath,

“Can I have a kiss?”

I told him no and ate the sandwich. I was cursing my self internally for even going to meet this fool. Just looking at him was making me wanna throw up. I had to get away and fast. I finished the sandwich in record timing and then asked him the time. It was 12.45.

“I have to go”

“But you go to airport at 3″

“No no my flight is at three so I have to be there at one.”

“Huh?” *looks bewildered*

“I have to go”

“Ok I quickly use toilet”

“Ok I’ll see you then. I’ll email you” *making moves to get the hell outta there*

“You are going to leave? Wait, I come with you.”

“I have to go now.”

“Ok lets go!” *abandoning the toilet plans*

“But you need the toilet, just go”

“No we leave”

I was stuck with him

“I take you to hotel.”

“No, don’t worry there is no point, you can’t come in anyway. Guests aren’t allowed”

That did it and he finally got it,

“Ok we say bye now.”

I then spent the next few hours in the supermarket picking up wine and port (that I stupidly put some of in my hand luggage, which got dashed away at customs) and nick knacks to bring back. Tuesday 10th of April

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