My 5 Days In Trinidad

Trinidad Face Flag 300x199 My 5 Days In Trinidad

On the day I am leaving I end up going earlier than my flight time with Jay to the airport because he told me I could go standby. BOOOO! There were no seats left and I had to wait for the next one!

I had prebooked a room by telephone at La Calypso on French Street in WoodBrook under RP’s guidance. I like the area (lots of restaurants and I looooove food!), but the hotel looks like a prison. In one sense it is good because security is TIGHT, but then it leaves you wondering… why is it so tight? Did something happen there?

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The first night we go to Crobar and Club Zen with his friend Marlon and Marlon’s friend who shall be called Danielle since her name has slipped my memory (see when I don’t write things down I just forget!)

Crobar,  picture taken in the day:

2Trinidad 300x225 My 5 Days In Trinidad

Loved Zen! Wasn’t too much different from a club in London. Pretty much the same as big West End club

Me and RP at Zen

3Trinidad 300x225 My 5 Days In Trinidad

RP and Marlon

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Colleen Shannon from Love Island (I know some of my UK crew must have watched it) was Dj’ing there. I would have had a picture here but we didn’t get to the stage quick enough! So here is one I plucked from google:

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So the next night we went to a gay club called Kosmos. Marlon didn’t want to come so it was us two girls and RP. RP thought I was shocked at the sights before me, but I wasn’t really; it was the lack of air and high temperature that was making me a feel a bit light headed. At first I felt like I was going to faint but then my body temperature adjusted. This place was different from Zen in that you had to buy coupons for the drinks before you could get them at the bar.

I have been to two gay bar/clubs before. One in Amsterdam which was empty and one in Brazil which was meant to be gay but had a lot of straight people in because it was the only place open very late, so in a way this was the first “proper” gay club I had been to, plus the only one that was majority black guys. There was a hottie that looked like Ginuwine with dreadlocks but unfortunately I have no picture to show, except if you look at the one right below you can see him in the corner in the orange! LOL

6Trinidad 225x300 My 5 Days In Trinidad

7Trinidad 225x300 My 5 Days In Trinidad

8Trinidad 300x225 My 5 Days In Trinidad

9Trinidad 225x300 My 5 Days In Trinidad

10Trinidad 225x300 My 5 Days In Trinidad

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My most memorable part of that night is where this dude comes up to me. A very skinny boy with a huge Mohawk and a half cut T-Shirt. He asks me about the dude in front of me who you could never mistake for straight in a million years,

“Is that guy with you?”


“Are you sure?”

I pause because I’m wondering how dim this guy thinks I am that I would not know who I am with and not with,

“He’s not with me.”

Mohawk dude proceeds to slide himself in front of the guy do some dips and bumflicks and then go back to where he previously was, not before whispering to me on his way there,

“He’s mine now!”

I was shocked into speechlessness! LOL! And the dude wasn’t even FINE for him to be acting like that!


Moving on…

Check out this sign outside one of the malls we went to, New City Mall. It made me crack up. Reminds me of the sign they put up outside work that time about drugs. (You can read that one HERE)

12Trinidad 225x300 My 5 Days In Trinidad

And another mall, called The Falls: beautiful scenery:

13Trinidad 300x225 My 5 Days In Trinidad

14Trinidad 225x300 My 5 Days In Trinidad

15Trinidad 225x300 My 5 Days In Trinidad

16Trinidad 225x300 My 5 Days In Trinidad

We also went to Karaoke (of course I did not sing… I’m not in the business of getting stoned) but I didn’t bring my camera out!

On my last day I went with RP to work. Even though he is gay all the girls in his office want him.(Ok maybe it’s just one, but I bet the others are lusting secretly… LOL!) Because they saw me they must have thought he changed direction and their luck was in. TOO BAD BITCHES! HAHAHAHA!

I had seen Doubles in the Port Of Spain City Centre and badly wanted one, so that was my mission. Doubles is a common street food in Trinidad and Tobago. It is a sandwich made with two flat fried breads, called “bhara” (hence the name “doubles”) filled with curried chick peas, commonly called channa. Topped with a variety of spicy chutneys.

18Trinidad My 5 Days In Trinidad

That and more Nigerian films. They have more Nigerian film sellers than Brixton! They were going for less than a pound each for all parts so I figured even if they were rubbish copies it would be a bargain. (and only 2 of them were crap copies out of the twenty something that I bought!)

I was meant to meet RP at lunchtime to say goodbye before I got my flight back to Tobago. Alas T’was not meant to be! Within an hour of eating the doubles my stomach and buttocks had been taken control of. There was an earthquake and then I felt a volcanic eruption about to occur. Therefore I was no longer in control and had to leave. Despite not knowing what cars went where (Public Transport is mainly cars taken at different points) it was amazing how quickly I got back to that hotel and into the lavatory. I loved the doubles but next time I shall eat one on reach of a private lavatory. So I never got to say a proper goodbye! Anyways I can say it here officially… Goodbye!!! LOL and THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!

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