My Delusional Friend Believes That Haters Are Jealous Of Her

Hater Hand 294x300 My Delusional Friend Believes That Haters Are Jealous Of Her

Are you a jealous hater? I have a delusional friend that believes that practically everybody is a hater and is jealous of her.

I don’t get people who are constantly talking about people “hating” and being jealous of them. My thing is, so what if people really are jealous of you? How does this affect (wow can believe that until today I didn’t know the difference between affect and effect. I feel so stupid!) your life that you would be driven to constantly talk about it? Even more so when referring to other people who are basically strangers hating on you. People like this worry me because it leads me to believe that they only think that other people are like this because that is exactly the way that they are.

So Solid Crew perfected the incessant babble about “hating” on their first album. I must admit I did buy it and play the hell out of it, but then when it came to the second album and they were talking the same old ish. I became a hater. Yes I began to hate on them. Talk about people hating you enough and people will begin to hate you. I never understood what they were talking about when they spoke of all these haters until I became one and then I understood perfectly well why they had haters. They had created them, willed them to be if you will.

I have a friend who is obsessed with people being jealous of her; anything that happens is because of jealousy. You go to McDonalds and they won’t give you free mayonnaise, the woman who wouldn’t give it to you is jealous of you. Someone looks at you a second too long, they must be jealous of you. How about number one they are just doing their job and are tight gits and number two you had bogey in your nose and they just felt like looking. What about that huh?

Normally women who are obsessed with haters will only think that it is other women who are jealous and hating on them. The particular friend that I referred to earlier will extend her jealousy and hating diatribe to men. I remember being at a male friend’s house one night and we were all getting ready to go out and she changed into a small cat suit. Everybody said she looked nice… well me and him anyway… as we were the only ones there, and then 5 minutes later the same male friend, I’ll call him Oliver went to go and change his shirt. He came out of the bathroom with a different shirt on and then left the room for 5 minutes or so… I cannot remember what for.

In the 5 minutes that he went away… she started whispering to me… “Did you see him change his shirt?” I told her that indeed I had seen him change his shirt. She looked at me as if she wanted me to say something more, and then she said, “Why do you think he changed his shirt?” I told her that maybe he just felt like it… I mean do you have to have a good reason to want to change a shirt? I didn’t think it was that serious but apparently she did. So still whispering she says to me, “I think he is jealous of me… Did you see the way he looked at me when I came out of the bathroom in the catsuit and then he went to go and change his shirt because he is trying to compete with me.” At this point I told her that I thought she was losing her mind and she kept saying to me, “Can’t you see it? Can’t you see it?” I told her that I could not.

My point is so what if he changed his shirt because of what she was wearing? If that was the case… Does it really matter? Maybe he thought that because of what she was wearing he needed a more dressy shirt? Maybe he looked at her in a certain way because he is a man and she is a woman wearing next to nothing… I mean is that so hard to believe? But no in her mind this was hardened jealousy and there was no telling her that it was not. I did also say to her…So what if he was jealous of you anyway? And her reply was “Jealous people are dangerous and they will try and bring you down.” I guess that means everyone was trying to bring her down because according to her everyone is jealous of her, but what I don’t get is how they are going to bring her down… It’s hardly a Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan kind of situation. Sometimes the things she said would be so funny if she wasn’t deadly serious.

I have another friend who thinks everyone is jealous of her too. She doesn’t talk about haters though… only jealous women. Apparently every woman that looks at her either A) wants her boobs because they are sooooo big. Or B) is jealous because if they are with their boyfriends the boyfriend is definitely looking at her with wanting eyes. I kid you not. One time I was in a lift with her and there was this other woman who was in the lift. Nothing out of the ordinary happened in the lift. We all stood there in silence, like you do in lifts.

When we got out on our floor she was shrieking at me, “Did you see, did you see… that woman was looking at me hardcore… JEALOUSY!” I had no clue what she was talking about because I did not see all of this going on… I figured that I must be unobservant to the highest degree. Then she went on, “She was jealous because hers are fake and mine are real… Women with fake boobs are always envious of me, because they had to pay for what I’ve got naturally. They get angry when they see me” I did not even know what to say to her because I did not notice any hardcore staring or fake boobs, but I did think to myself if I had small or medium sized boobs I would not be jealous of boobs that try and snap your spine and cannot fit regular bras. I also thought that if I had paid for big boobs I wouldn’t be jealous of natural ones because they sag when they get really big and don’t look perky like fake ones do… So I basically just thought she was deluding herself as she does with thinking that everyone’s boyfriend is after her.

Maybe it’s a good thing… Maybe it is the outward manifestation of a heightened sense of self esteem. Apparently everywhere she goes women are grabbing their men and crossing roads because they are scared their boyfriends will catch sight of her and obviously run off with her on the spot. The women who are braver are spending their time giving her dirty looks. To be honest I don’t know where she gets these ideas from. Even when I’m out with her she will tell these stories as if I don’t have eyes to see for myself. LOL!

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