My First Time in Nigeria

keno and me 300x225 My First Time in Nigeria

I went to Nigeria a couple of days after Christmas 2008 with my parents. It was my first time and since my mother is Nigerian we were meant to stay with her brother in Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. It’s funny because I went to my parent’s homelands both in the same year. I went to Jamaica in May and Nigeria in December. I had been to both Africa and the Caribbean before but never Nigeria or Jamaica.

On arrival I was tired as hell. I went out on Christmas night and planned to wake up early morning for the Boxing Day sales, but seeing as I didn’t get to my friend’s place until 6 in the morning and home until 12 noon I didn’t manage to make it to the shops until about 2 in the afternoon. Once I got home I had to wash clothes to pack for the next day and ended staying up until 5 the following morning when we left to go to the airport, so to say I was tired is an understatement.

Got to the airport and it was a surreal experience. My mother didn’t even recognise her own brother. (She hasn’t seen him in about 20 years) Both my mother my father were picking out all types of strangers from the crowd. We finally get the right man and after the greetings walk the loooong walk to the airport car park. There is a lot of hustle and bustle and the whole way to your transport people are coming at you, trying to push your trolley, trying to sell you something or just plain walking beside you talking gibberish.

It is about 8pm when we arrive at my uncle’s place and I am looking forward to bathing and sleeping. It is only when we arrive we realise that the house help is being kicked out of her room for us… Uh OH! She does not look happy about it at all, in fact she looks like she didn’t even know that that was going to happen, as all of her stuff is still in the room. There are only two rooms so my uncle and dad are to take the other room.

Keno arrived in Nigeria about 2 weeks before I did and was performing at a club that night, so I was meant to call him when I arrived so that we could go. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to make it as it would seem rude to just arrive and go so I resigned myself to staying in. 15 minutes after arrival the lights go out. Basically electricity in Nigeria is a game of chance so most houses have generators that power the electricity when the lights go out. They have to buy diesel on a daily basis to keep these generators going.

It is night time so it is completely pitch black. My uncle puts on the generator but lo and behold it is a small one as the big one is not working. This small one only lights up the front room. I went in the bedroom to try and get some things to have a shower/bath and I cannot see a thing and using the mobile phone light is all I can do. I manage to find my towel and some clothes and head to the bathroom. It is just too dark for me to see anything and I cannot hold the mobile phone in the shower so I give up.

I decide to call Keno to let him know the state of play. Luckily my uncle had brought me an Etisalat mobile phone chip. I am thinking there is no way I can go out when I can’t even see anything to bath or change, but then on the other hand what will I do in the darkness? I call Keno and tell him I’ve arrived and that there is no electricity. He tells me that he and his brothers have left the house and are on the way to Victoria Island to a bar before the performance. I sure could do with a drink! He tells me that they can come and get me but they will be there within the hour. I decide to go.

In a mad frenzy I search through my suitcase with the mobile phone light. I find a top and some jeans. It seems like an eternity since my last bath but what can I do but rub some wet wipes, use deodorant and spray some perfume? It is impossible to do makeup so I put on some lipgloss and hope for the best.

I don’t think my mother knew the extent of the electricity situation since she hadn’t been back in forever so she is all for me going out. Keno comes and makes himself known and we head out. It is great seeing the guys again, as I haven’t seen them for almost two years when I was last in Atlanta. That was the time with Tamara and Patsy when we saw Ralph Tresvant and the scantily eyebrowed one from New Edition on the plane. You can read about that HERE We head to the club playing TI “whatever you like” practically the whole way.

First stop is a bar on the island. The girls are dressed to kill, with long ass weaves and shovels of make up. All I have is the long ass weave LOL. With not a penny in my pocket I am relying on generosity and thankfully there is an abundance of it.

We then move onto the club where Keno is performing with El Dee and Proto (was it Proto?) there are bottles of brandy on every table so I am really enjoying. Keno takes the stage and blows it up. Looking back it was a shame that I didn’t know the song he was singing. They are singing BIG BOY and every freaking person in the club knows the words… except me! If that show was at the end of the trip I would have definitely known all the words because we had the El Dee CD on repeat the whole trip.

So from that club we move onto another called Penthouse. It seems like every Atlanta Nigerian is there because the guys are seeing everyone they know from Atlanta. More bottles are popped (by then I am finished with drinking after the brandy) and things are hype. We are in the VIP area with El Dee and Banky W. Keno is drunk (I have never seen him really drunk) and wildin out to the point that he goes from jumping on the couches to jumping from table to table. It was wild!

keno 225x300 My First Time in Nigeria

keno and me2 300x225 My First Time in Nigeria

El Dee and BAnky 300x225 My First Time in Nigeria

Despite my electricity woes and lack of water and any ounce of glamour It was most definitely a great night and Keno wants to make sure everybody knows about it because the following morning he calls everybody that didn’t make it and lets them know! “You missed out BIG TIME!”


  1. Sokari says:

    Original idea for a blog – very interesting considering most of the tripe out there that passes for blogging.

    Keep it up will be back

  2. Hey MsBeautySoul
    Just replying to the comment you left on my blog (Travelling International)
    I did enjoy Salvador, but I discontinued using that blog because I didn't like the name of my blog.

    When I got back from South America I launched a new blog with a much better name. The address is While I was travelling I kept a very detailed private journal, so I plan to put up a new post every two to three days, with a lot of the material coming from the private journal I kept.

    Hope you enjoy, and I'll also bookmark your blog and go through it in a bit, looks pretty interesting..


  3. Sounds like a blast. It reminds a lot of going back to Haiti in my younger years. I had a few cousins (my grandmother would call them my bodyguards) who were always down for whatever. It was so easy to forget about everything and just be in the moment. Good times!

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