My Hair Weave History

 Hair Weave 300x300 My Hair Weave History

I need some weave advice.

First of all let me give you a bit of weave history.

I had my first weave in 1999 when I went on holiday. It was my first time ever and I loved it (for about a week.)

You know how Beyonce says that when she gets on a stage she becomes her alter-ego Sasha? Well I too have an alter ego when I go on holiday with a weave, but the only difference is, mine alter-ego hasn’t got a name yet. If you have any suggestions feel free to throw them at me!

So this first weave I had was a browny colour and it was yaki, so it blended with my hair really well and looked like highlights (not like this bone straight yaki shit you find today.) Back then all the weave was double wefted so you split it in half. It seemed like you got more in the packet. This weave was bonded and after about 10 days the glue started loosening and I was paranoid about wefts dropping out in the street, so I enlisted the friends I was with to take it out… Oh my what an arduous task. It was an absolute nightmare putting baby oil all over my head to get that shit out. When it was finally out there were still clumps of glue in my hair that took a coupple of weeks to come out… Oh how sore my head was. So after that I didn’t mess around with weave for another 3 years. I guess I forgot the experience and just remembered the look, so I did the bonding again. This time it lasted about a week, before lifting, at which point I had to drag my ass with my lifting hair, plaited back in one to the beauty supply store. Then I had to keep sticking it down with bonding glue where it had lifted.

After this I said no more bonding! I’ve done weave another three times since. Once a sew in and twice a half weave with my hair out and wefts sewn in on cornrows. The sew in was the worst! It looked good, but it was itchy as hell and I was paranoid that it looked like a wig the whole time. Hence why I never have a weave in the UK (except a week or so after coming back from holiday), just in case some rowdy school kids start calling me wighead on the bus. Plus the times I have had the weave still after returning back from holiday you see people you havent seen for ages who want to marvel about how your hair has grown and start touching it… I can’t stand for all that.

The last time I had a weave was last Christmas for my Brazil trip. Ruth hooked me up with the partial sew in, 100 percent human hair Premium Now and it looked great at first. After a week of swimming in the sea and pool, plus no hair dryer or straighteners it started to tangle really easily. Plus I was plaiting it every night so it would be curly for the next day and that didn’t help I’m sure.

So this is the deal.

I want to get a weave done for this trip, and I’ve been hearing about this Remi hair. Apparently all the cuticles face the same way and that stops the tangling, which I figure will be great. What do you all know about Remi hair? I went out to the shops today to look for some and I found a shop that sells Goddess Yaki Remi hair by Sensationnel. It cost double what the regular human hair costs. What I want to know is is it worth it? On one website I read it said that if the hair has been treated (As the yaki would have to be to get the texture) then it will pretty much be the same as getting the regular hair.

Now I am confused. Is there anyone out there who has used Remi hair? And what kind? Is it worth it?

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