My Starring Role In A Channel 4 Production

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I was at home watching Hollyoaks when Ruth and her friend from work came home. Ruth was screaming out my name. There was urgency in her voice, which was high pitched with excitement. It was as if something great had happened. Anxious to hear whatever it was she was going to say I ran to the top of the stairs to see what all the commotion was about, and she shrieked,

“They are filming outside!”

I had seen the film crew trucks and cameras outside the café on the corner and we had also had a postcard put through the door the week before, so I was a little dejected that that was the “great” news she had to share.

“Oh I know.”

She continued, chatting animatedly in high spirits,

“We are going out there now. They are looking for extras.”


“Yeah they need people to be in the background.”

“Are you going too?”I asked her friend.

He said that he was going to just go and watch as they only needed women.

I was still dilly dallying around while Ruth dashed around her room frantically, turning things over as if she were searching for something. I asked her what she was looking for.

“I need to find my pyjamas.”

“What do you need pyjamas for?”

“We need to look like we’ve just woken up, so they want us in nightclothes.”

“Oh I can’t go I don’t have any pyjamas.”

“Just find anything and put it on. In fact I have a red robe you can wear.”

“Oh I don’t know, it’s cold outside.”

Now Ruth in her greatest effort to try and persuade me to go out with her looked me square in the eyes and said,

“Are you crazy? It’s channel 4, plus they are paying us £100, and it’s right by the house!”

“Are you serious, they are gonna pay us?

“Yeah, they said that we just have to fill in a few forms, and they’ll even call us for other work afterwards!

“Are you serious?”

“I’m looking for pyjamas and you are telling me I’m not serious?”

“Are you just gonna go out there half naked?”

“It’s not far and they need us in nightclothes.”

“What about slippers?”

“Just throw on some flip flops!”

“Not even a coat?”

“It’s only on the corner!”

“Ok I’m gonna put some make up on.”

“You don’t need make up. We are meant to have just woken up, just throw on a scarf, or mess your hair up or something!”

The money aspect provoked some interest and Ruth knew it. She threw the red robe at me and I ran into my room, dragged my jeans off, rummaged through my hair like a mad woman on acid, rubbed astral into my ashy knees and toes before slipping the robe on and returning back to Ruth’s room only to find her still fully clothed,

“What are you doing? Why haven’t you got your pyjamas on?

“I’m looking for a scarf.”

“Let me go and get you one.”

“Well actually there is something I have to tell you.”


“We lied.”


They both stood there cracking up and I stood there looking like a bloody fool, ready to go and stand on a street corner in the freezing cold weather in a silk bathrobe and flip flops.

After all was said and done of course it was picture time!

Me in the red robe looking like a damn fool:

Me1 My Starring Role In A Channel 4 Production

Me2 My Starring Role In A Channel 4 Production

The Pranksters:

Ruth1 My Starring Role In A Channel 4 Production

Daniel My Starring Role In A Channel 4 Production

What are pranks that you’ve had played on you?

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