Natural Hair Is Disgusting

Nappy Hair 201x300 Natural Hair Is Disgusting

A few minutes ago, a conversation between me and the woman without the gallstones took place. It’s like we can’t even talk anymore. Every conversation turns into her making some kind of ignorant statement.

We were talking about Ray-J, Brandy’s brother as the song One Wish came on the radio. I’ll call her WWG for short.

WWG: He’s not a bad looking boy, that Ray-J

Me: Yeah he is quite good looking

WWG: His sister must have got the ugly gene

Me: I don’t think she is ugly; she just has far apart eyes

WWG: She’s ugly and gosh (making face of disgust) with that nappy hair

Me: What’s wrong with nappy hair?

WWG: I don’t like it, it’s disgusting… You can like it, that’s your business

Me: That’s how black people’s hair grows from the scalp. Its natural hair

WWG: Oh shut up! It’s disgusting; you can say that because you don’t have nappy hair

Me: That’s because it’s RELAXED, but if it was natural, it would be nappy… afro comb breaking nappy

WWG: Then why does your hair still look relaxed a month after you have had a perm and mine’s only been a few weeks and it’s grown out already

Me: It’s called WRAPPING

WWG: Shut up…You know you don’t have nappy hair

Someone tell me where this woman came from? The ignorance is asounding.  And what the hell does my hair still looking fresh got to do with whether I was born with nappy hair?

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