Prostitution Sign

Sleeping with Prostitutes on Vacation

While in Brazil over The New Year, one guy we were hanging out with, Neville was frustrated at the fact that he was unable to pick up a chick due to language barriers. (It was his own fault I had advised him on numerous occasion that he needed to learn the language.) Kay suggested to him that he should pay for one. Neville scoffed at the idea that he should need to pay for ass, while Kay kept on at him. He kept insisting that he just needed a few chat up lines and then he would be able to pull. Kay couldnt understand why he wouldnt just pay for it and accused him of being cheap, even offering up her own cash so that he could get laid.

Extracted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Serious Stuff

Two people that I know have had their wisdom teeth out recently, which got me thinking about my wisdom teeth experience. Both of them had their teeth taken out at the in the dentist’s chair. One had two taken out and the other had four. I don’t know how they coped. Both continued on their daily routines the day after. My experience was traumatic to say the least.


He Was A Gold Digging Selfish Pig

Tina and Eddie met again accidentally in a bar for the first time in years. The chemistry was instant and they were soon joined at the hip. Throughout the years Tina had maintained a firm friendship with Bryony, and now that she and Eddie were an item she was reluctant to tell Bryony about it until they were really serious. She thought that in Eddie she had found her dream man. She dreamed of becoming his wife, building a home, and having children with him It was very much a whirlwind romance, HOWEVER THE WARNING SIGNS that he was not the ideal man for her were there from the very beginning…

Nappy Hair

Natural Hair Is Disgusting

A few minutes ago, a conversation between me and the woman without the gallstones took place. It’s like we can’t even talk anymore. Every conversation turns into her making some kind of ignorant statement.

skin bleaching

Bleaching Cream Rots The Brain

This bleached out woman just came in… Her face was so bleached and burnt that her lips had turned black and her skin was thin and with loads of dark blemishes, like she had been prodded a few times with a freshly lit cigarette. Her skin looked grey, not even brown… and definitely not light skinned which is the look I’m sure she was going for burning herself up like that.


I Chat Up a Man At Work Today

When he walked through the door I nearly had a heart attack. Tall, clear golden/bronzed skin, locks, eyes you could drown in and lips that could hypnotise. I was trying to compose myself and act normal but I must have come across as a lunatic He walked towards my desk, and I couldn’t stop giggling, so I tried to make it like I was laughing at something on my computer screen when in reality I wasn’t It was a nervous laughter I just couldn’t hold in.

Picky Eaters Irk Me

My pet peeve is picky eaters… can’t stand em. So many different tastes to experience and they spend their time deciphering what not to eat rather than what to eat.

Plastic Bag

She Asked Me If I Had A Plastic Bag

She asked a question and she got an answer, so why did the bitch not move? I am not one for repeating myself, but she forced me to, just standing over me with her beady eyes peering over her bottle glass frames. So I said, “Oh we haven’t had those plastic bags for years now.” Then she starts peering around as if I am lying at cupboards…

Ferrero Prestige

Mr Shaky Lip Returns With More Chocolates

I took my place at my desk and he started talking about courses and application forms. Then of course he had to ask about Kate, my dear colleague who has not been here for two years, “And how is my heartbeat?” I told him that she was fine, and kept it at that. After this he asked me what chocolates I liked and how he had tried to find the ones that he thought I would like but couldn’t find any. I told him Ferrero Rochers, and that they were available in any sweet shops, Supermarket or Woolworths etc. He said that he would find them, and as he left turned to me and said Fear Raych. Fear Raych what the hell is that?


Booking My Brazil Apartment

During the course of the day I started thinking about the apartment in Brazil I had booked and how the dude I was renting from still hadn’t replied to my email. (I have sent like 3 so you know that’s serious) To give a bit of background information I emailed they guy about 2 weeks ago and asked him what was going on as I hadn’t heard back from him and I didn’t know what was going to happen when I got there… how I was going to get the keys etc… so anyway I get through to his phone in Belgium (after the phone had been cut off for the past week) and his wife picks up and after a lot of scuffling around he comes to the phone and sound surprised that I am calling