White Shirt and Blue Jeans

The Portuguese is FLY!

Before he left he said to me, “You’re not working tommorrow, are you?” *heart palpitations* Was this a sign that he wants to ask me out? Or was he just asking so he knew when he could return the application form? I told him that No, we weren’t open on Saturday, so he would be best of returning later on today.

Suicide Bombers

The Atlanta Bomber

We get to the airport and I remember the person at the checkout desk trying to hurry us onto an earlier plane. We didn’t know why at the time but I remember that we didn’t want to as we didn’t want to rush or hang around Texas for hours on end. So anyway we hang around the airport… take our time and then make our way to the gate at the designated time of our original flight.


To Be a Glamour Puss Is Hard Work

I wish I could be a glamour puss… but I for the life of me cannot glam up every day. I don’t know how people do it. Every single bloody day! I love my sleep too much to wake up the extra 45 minutes it would take to make myself look glam… Fixing hair, face, and clothes takes time. Some people always manage to look immaculate 24-7… that’s like a full time job on top of a full time job. I guess they must be used to it… It becomes an essential part of their daily routine. I’m lucky if I have time enough to brush my hair and iron clothes.

Getting Caught Having A Fag

So at work we have this new manager and she doesn’t like people going off to smoke in pairs despite there being 7 of us in the office (well when there is a full house anyway which is practically never!). We are entitled to two fifteen minute breaks a day plus lunch but yet every time you try and go off she gives a disapproving glare or tries to engineer some task so that you can’t go and smoke with someone else. This means that if you want to go and smoke with someone else in the office sneaky tactics are needed. This is usually done by one person passing through one door under the guise of going to fill a water bottle/collect mail/ using the lavatory, and another person passing through the other door under some other pretence.

Woman reading

Welcome to Jamrock

Jamaica, Jamaica. Welcome to Jamrock! Virgin Flight 69. There I was fresh from the upgrade success in Brazil and ready to blag my way into business or first class. I tried my luck, to no avail. I was refused and took the blow like my name was Evander, proceeding to first class like a champ.