Cruising on The River Tagus in Lisbon

Today we went on a 2 hour boat cruise on the River Tagus around Lisbon, Portugal, boarding at Commercio Square. On the way there we met some guys by Rossion Metro who offered to take some pictures for us as we were taking them of each other. One was called Pina and the other ones name I don’t think I ever knew. We exchanged numbers and arranged to go out with them that evening. We rushed to board the boat and just made it before they were going to leave.

Going to Convento With My Portuguese MySpace Buddy Helder

In the evening I called my MySpace buddy Helder. Well I should say acquaintance because I only started talking to him the week before and communication was difficult cos my Portuguese isn’t all that. However he seemed to know a lot of clubs in Lisbon and offered to take us to a club in Santo Amaro called ConVento.

Hungover And Up To Mischief In Lisbon

We spent the day in bed hungover in our nighties and zooming in on people with the camera from the balcony. We found a baldheaded man with an Aaliyah front sweep. I’d never seen a comb/sweepover like it, so we had to take pictures. The bugger wouldn’t properly turn our way though, so you don’t get the full extent of the front sweep.

My Life As A Teen Prostitute

I was 17 and it was the summer of 1997. I had been working in Dolcis, a shoe shop on Oxford Street for a grand total of 8 days before I got the boot. They told me “it wasn’t working out.” When I probed further I was told that I had caused disenchantment on the shop floor. I can’t lie I did and I felt quite justified in doing so after finding out that the three white girls that were employed there (also teenagers) got paid more that all the darker hued teenage staff. And so I was escorted to my locker to collect my things and walked to the door by a security guard. THE SHAME OF IT!

Karaoke In A Lisbon Bar

After trekking the streets we finally found a place that had room for four nights, on Rua Dos Bacalhoeiros. At 35 Euro a night it was even cheaper than the hostel, clean and in a great location above a restaurant. It was a guest house run by two old ladies. We were estatic and paid the deposit immediately.

Homeless In Lisbon

We arrived at the hostel, and were told that they were fully booked (and with a waiting list… imagine that?), so although I could stay for the two nights (as was booked), Ruth could not. I could, however cancel the second night and then we could go find somewhere else for the four nights. We were absolutely gutted when they told us this because the hostel was really nice. This must be the nicest they come in “hostel world.”

Blowing Up The Airport In Lisbon By Way Of Methane Gas

I cannot stop farting and seeing as I am sitting in one place and will be for the next hour or so it would not be polite for me to pass gas, not only might it upset those around me and cause possible suffocation but because it would also, cause me great embarrassment, but damnit I wanna fart so bad. I think it is because I was pigging out last night and then drank peppermint tea this morning to try and ease the bloating. I feel like a bubbling volcano. All this morning in the airport and walking from shop to shop I have been farting and running way from it leaving Ruth to inhale the fumes I leave behind.

The Numbskull IT Guy At My Workplace

This motherfucker always has some comment to make about my weight. I don’t even know him like that for him to approach me in such a manner. We aren’t friends and I don’t banter with him or anything. I rarely even say hello when I see him in the corridors. I might simply acknowledge his presence with a slight nod.

I Watched This Programme On TV About Revenge

Woman was in her mid to late thirties had two children with a man and they were together for 8 years. One day he just upped and left to his mother’s house without explanation, although she does acknowledge that they did have problems before hand. This woman seemed really nutty to me. She basically began stalking him for 2 years (although she does not refer to her actions as stalking) She stood outside his mama’s house with a megaphone and would shout for him to come out and give her answers. She said she wanted closure.

I’ve Left Brazil And The Rogue Trader Wants Money For A Light Bill

So I’m on MSN messenger a couple of minutes ago and my Brazilian friend, who we sent the money to to pay the agent for the apartment we rented came on and tells me how the agent called him asking him for money for the LIGHT BILL. I can’t believe the nerve of this man. He is a con artist to the core.