Picky Eaters Irk Me

I was just speaking to Tamara about the woman that has just moved into her house. She was shocked because the woman doesn’t eat fish.

“What’s wrong with her?”

I told her that maybe she doesn’t like fish. Tamara thought this absolutely ridiculous,

“How the hell can you not like fish? Besides she has never tried it!”

I thought, maybe it had to do with the woman’s upbringing. Some kids are picky eaters and parents give into whatever the kid wants to eat. I swear if I have kids they will eat everything I give them and if they want to refuse then they can starve.

That brings me to my pet peeve, picky eaters, I can’t stand em. So many different tastes to experience and they spend their time deciphering what not to eat rather than what to eat.

Scenario 1

Whilst in Brazil we were about to eat a beach lunch and since the portions are humongous, and for roughly 3-4 people my friend and I were going to share a dish. We had settled on Prawn Moqueca (Brazilian stew) when Neville piped up,

“You like fish don’t you, why don’t you get the prawn and fish one?”

Now my friend had already expressed a desire not to have fish so I was respecting that and told Neville as much. Neville wasn’t giving up and said to my friend,

“Yesterday you were yamming down the McDonalds Filet o Fish so why don’t you want to eat fish now?”

She replied, pointing at the sea in front of us,

“Listen, You know they are going to catch the fish from there, I’m not eating anything that’s come from that sea.”

I was astounded, and had to say something,

“So where the hell so you think the prawns are coming from?”

She took a huge deep breath before she flipped the hell out,

“Right that’s it! I’m not eating the prawn or the fish.”

I couldn’t understand her reasoning. She had been chowing down on McDonalds Filet O Fish, now because we were in front of the sea she didn’t want sea food because she was reminded of where it came from, even though it wasn’t being killed in front of her. I’ve never heard of such stupidity!

Scenario 2

The woman that I work with (who had the gallstones removed not to long ago) sees the salad that I brought in for lunch and asked me what was in it. I tell her,

“Baby spinach leaves, tomatoes, sweetcorn, pumpkin seeds, cheese and smoked ham.”

She screws her nose up and says,

“You must not be black with them fancy tastes there, I stick to iceberg lettuce… me.”

Well as you must have gathered from my earlier posts that she has a few screws loose so I’ll not even go there.

Scenario 3

This guy that I’ve known for a while wants to go out for lunch so we go to a nearby Thai place in my lunch hour. When we get there he starts moaning about the food being too fancy. There is chicken wings on the menu, so I tell him,

“You know what that is so eat that.”

He agrees and orders bloody chicken wings in a Thai place. When it comes why did this fool start saying that the salad was too fancy for his tastes because it had a French dressing and carrot shavings?

Scenario 4

At work when it is someone’s birthday we will have a mini party. This time we had it in the morning so breakfast food was bought. One thing on the menu was croissants. This lady who shall remain nameless was offered a croissant and refused because,

“I don’t know what that is.”

She was then told it was bread. She claimed she couldn’t eat it because,

“Its too fancy. I only eat normal white bread”

She then went on to say that in her whole 40 years of living the only food she could or would ever eat is Jamaican food.

What a bloody limited existence!

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