Racism In the Workplace

Black Man In Suit 200x300 Racism In the Workplace

This is a partial copy of a letter I sent to Human Resources complaining about this waste of space I call cackface, this idiot that made the claim that BLACK MEN STINK:

On Tuesday 10th of August at approximately 11AM myself, Cackface and Neville were seated in the office. A discussion with regards to the need for Air Conditioning on London’s Buses was taking place.

During the conversation Cackface made the comment, “I have noticed from being on the buses that black men really stink, they smell really bad.” He then turned to me and asked, “Don’t you think?” to which I replied, “No I don’t think that that is true at all.” He then turned to Neville and repeated the same question, “Don’t you think?” to which Neville replied, “No.” At this point the conversation ended. I was in shock that he had made such and ignorant statement. Cackface then continued to say, “I think they think its manly smell so bad.” Straight after saying this, Cackface got up from his chair and walked over to Neville’s desk. He leaned in towards Neville’s armpit and sniffed him. He then remarked, “You smell alright though.”

Working in a multicultural environment I was disturbed that someone could say and do something so ignorant.

 At the time when I first reported this incident to my line manager (a black woman), she couldn’t see what the problem was. As he wasn’t referring to me personally I shouldn’t have been offended. When cackface was finally pulled up about it, his defense was,

“My friend is half black and he is the one who told me.”

The bitch didn’t even apologise. He didn’t see anything wrong with what he had said, and because Neville (a black man) allowed his armpit to be sniffed without expressing disgust at Cackface’s actions he thought his behaviour was acceptable and that I was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Then he got himself a black girlfriend, so now he started putting out the, “How can I be a racist when my girlfriend is black?” nonsense. I give a shit that his girlfriend is black. Your girlfriend being black does not give an excuse for you to make offensive comments. So because he picked up an insecure, lonely piece of trash I’m meant to give a shit? Huh? I’m not she, and he needed to know this.

Imagine two black people, a man and a woman in an office and a white man who only baths on a Thursday (true talk) feels justified in saying to these people that black men stink WTF???

And the thing is black women where I work stick up for him. They make me sick. If they want to accept all kinds of abuse that’s on them, but how dare he bring his shit to me Me, who doesn’t even like or get on with him in the first place. I am not his friend and I didn’t like him before his comments, so how dare he think he can say things like that in front of me. After the incident he got moved to another office a few months later, and I never spoke to him again. I see him at meetings but we don’t talk.

Anyway fast forward to yesterday Cackface was in the pub after the work meeting. I had to go and buy a sandwich for someone who was still back in the office and I was a few pence short. Cackface offered me a pound, and I told him that I was alright. I don’t want his money. The thought of accepting anything from him grubby paws makes me feels sick.  I guess I am still bitter not only that he said that, but that he wasn’t sorry, plus the fact that I couldn’t stand him before he made the comment.

I think he is trying to make amends. He kept trying to talk to me in the pub. I don’t know if I am being petty but I have no desire to ever talk to this man. He makes me sick, and the sooner he realizes this, the better.

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