Reaching Patong

Patong Beach 300x228 Reaching Patong

My first time in Asia and boy what an experience! I honesty don’t know how a black person stays in Asia their whole life. this isn’t my post but just put here for now so that all the categories will show.


  1. What?! You cant make a statement like that and just leave us hanging…did you have a good time there??

  2. LOL! Nooo this was just a test post to see if the drop down box was working properly… I have been procrastinating. I went to Malaysia and Thailand over Christmas but I haven't got around to posting. I didn't make any notes though so I'll mostly post pictures!

  3. Did you have a bad experience there or something? Really curious to know what you meant by “honesty don’t know how a black person stays in Asia their whole life”

  4. I enjoyed myself but I wouldn't go back to Thailand. Not so much the staring or being ignored but more the fact that where I was was very touristy. Too many Australians and everyone seems to be there to get rat assed drunk and sleep with ladyboys. Its more of a “lads” holiday. Not my type of place..

  5. Hey! I’m in Thailand now and was really interested in seeing what it’s like after reading of your experience. Were you stared at a lot? And ignored? It’s been the complete opposite for me. I was well up in the North, in one of those pick up truck taxis, me the only foreigner among about 8 Thais and no one seemed to bat an eyelid! I was a little surprised! Where were you ignored? Interesting how people can have completely different experiences.


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