Riding The Marta You Meet The Funniest Characters

MARTA TRAIN 300x198 Riding The Marta You Meet The Funniest Characters

The night started off at Django’s… It was meant to be crunk… or so Obi told me… but… it wasn’t. It was Salsa night… and my ass can’t salsa, so you know that wasn’t happening. Tamara lost the heel end on her shoe so we left there within half an hour so she could go change her shoes at the hotel.

Earlier on in the day I went to Avondale (on Marta) to go and get my eyebrows done. I met a guy called Chris at the bus stop. Within ten minutes I found out that he was:

a) on his way to an AA meeting

b) just got out of jail

c) had a Mama who jus got locked up for 5 years for drug dealing

Thats a heeeeeeeeeeeell of a lot of information in 5 minutes, so can you imagine what I found out in 10 minutes… TOOOOOOOOOOOOO much information.

So I just got in from Uranus… It was crunk I enoyed it… stalked few guys home…great stuff… well it wasn’t really stalking… just shouting shit out of a car window and following… all in good fun! LOL… Went to IHOP afterwards to continue the trend and saw a dude I haven’t seen in 5 years,

” You didn’t tell me you were gonna be in town!”



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