Running Into Anthony Anderson At Lenox Mall

So I’m back from Atlanta and tired as hell… and this was supposed to be a relaxing holiday… and that it most definitely wasn’t *snicker snicker*

Spent most of the time clubbing, eating and sleeping. Didn’t make it down to Bankhead unfortunately. Thanks to all that offerered though… NOT!

I had alot of fun, met many wonderful people and I shall definitely be back again. I’m approaching 30… Are you ever too old to listen to crunk? Sooner or later I’ll find myself locked in a cupboard (won’t be able to let anyone know), clicking my fingers and doing the A Town Stomp, listening to Young Jeezy, Young Jock, Lil Jon, Scrappy n em… Yes I know its a shame but I gotta say I’m addicted. Nothing beats the atmosphere that you get in an Atlanta club.

One downside to the holiday… some dude called Trey tried to go on a spending spree with my friend Tamara’s debit card. She was talking to his friend Kenny, and she left her bag in Trey’s car. She thought she’d get the bag back once he realised that he had it, but after she woke up and he hadn’t returned it she called to cancel the card. Everything seemed ok. The bank said nothing had been taken out.

Then the day we are leaving she calls the bank again and there are hundreds of pounds worth of pending purchases. All from Wallmart. I couldn’t believe it. When he dropped them off at 3 am he must have seen the bag in the back seat and headed straight to Wallmart, despite him claiming he was on his way to Jamaica via Hartsfield in a few hours. The straight cheek. It all turned out ok though because the purchases didn’t start going through til after she reported it so she was covered.

The moral of the story is… always take out a bag with a strap so that it is always on your body!

So on Saturday we went to Lenox. So many pretty men that aren’t into women that it is unreal! Saw Anthony Anderson cruising the mall. Patrice had a mad outburst and literally ran up to him, crashing into him in the process. The conversation went something like this:

Patrice: Thats that guy. He’s kind of famous… comedian in films

Me: What’s his name

Patrice: I dunno but he’s famous, let’s take a picture (the cameras were always in tow)

Me: (Silent but thinking)

Patrice (Not even looking for my feedback anymore and dashing towards him in a mad frenzy) Excuse me!!! Can I take a picture??? (Bear in mind at this point she has crashed into him)

Anthony Anderson: Helll No! You just attacked me!

Patrice: (Giving up on having any shame ar this point and resorting to almost begging) But whhhhhy not…. pleeeease! We’re from England.(At this point I almost have a heart attack cos people are coming around to see what the fuss is)

Anthony Anderson: Ok then

Me: (I don’t know what came over me but in my mad dash to get into the picture that I hadn’t even wanted to be in in the first place I crash into him too. I guess I figured after all the shame I may as well get a picture. So I am cheesing and he is looking at the both of us as if we aren’t well.)

Then my friend who just took the picture pipes up (Her name is Tamara)

Tamara: Can I get a picture too?

Anthony Anderson: Well since you are the only one that didn’t attack me… I guess so.

So the pictures were taken and we went our merry way to the food court. Two hours later we are leaving the mall and AA is still hanging around… Still had no shopping bags, was blatantly hanging around trying to get some love from the people and even playing hard to get in the meanwhile! LOL!

I forgot about this one. I wasn’t there… I was in the bathroom… We had been in the airport in Detroit for hours knocking back tequila shots and I was a bit worse for wear. P and T spotted Ralph Tresvant and asked to take pictures… They were then on our plane to Atlanta. I fell asleep so I don’t know all what went on on the plane, but I know when we got to Atlanta the friend tried to introduce us to some other friend. After travelling for 16 hours, noone was in the mood to be meeting any friend and we ran off when we saw Keno at the airport come to get us.

Later found out the friend that noone wanted in the picture was “Ronnie” from Bell Biv Devoe!


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