Salvador Da Bahia – The Life and People My 10 Observations

Man Plucked Eyebrows 230x300 Salvador Da Bahia – The Life and People My 10 Observations

During my Brazil holidays I have made some observations which I am going to let you in on:

 1) “Nao Problema” – “Nao Stress”, are phrases that you will hear Baianos say all the time all the time. They even have this catchphrase printed on T-Shirts and up for sale in the tourist shops. Everything is laid back so if you are uptight and in Bahia you are going to need to “TAKE IT EASY!”

2) A man plucking their eyebrows is not gay.  Apparently it is very “normal” for men to go to the Salon and get their eyebrows plucked. As I was told this by what appeared to be a lothario and gigolo I am not sure how true this is. If anyone has any information to the contarary please let me know… Thanks

3) Women bathing themselves in depilatory cream on the beach and then washing it off in the sea are very normal and not anything to stare at… Although it did take me a minute to adjust to this as I was trying to figure out why these women were putting thick white cream all over their bodies with what looked like a ice lolly stick. When they didn’t rub it in fully I was thinking, “Well it can’t be suncream can it?” But then at the same time I was thinking you wouldn’t be sitting with your mama and dada removing hair from your bikini line would you? Er… well yes you would… In Brazil.

4) Pot bellies are very common in women of all sizes. I was happy cos I fit right in. I think that this is because Brazillians love to eat and drink all hours of the day and the night. I have never been somewhere that sold so much food on the streets and ALL the time. Literally you can feed yourself on very little money. Just by hanging out on the beach and eating the wares their all day. 1.50 R$ for acarje, 1R$ for roasted cheese, cocounut, mango, or peanut butter ice lollies for 50 centavos, a bag of cashews for 1 R$, a stack of chicken pasties for 2R$, Grilled meat on a stick for 2R$… Caprinhas and Caprioskas for 3R$… ah it goes on and on…Then there was the jumbo hot dogs… I digress. Anyway I figure that’s why the woman walk the way they do. The combination of the pot belly with the heat gives them a kind of bowlegged walk as originally performed by Beyonce in her Crazy in Love video… you know the one with Jay-Z?

5) If you are not drinking Cerveja or Caiprinha then you may as well go home. Cerveja is to drink all day, preferably before noon and Caiprinha is for the nighttime

6) Prostitutes are part of the scenery. That’s what most of the gringos go to Brazil for and they are seemingly welcomed into nighttime establishments as if they are national treasures. They are not treated with any scorn and will easily mingle in a bar talking to males and females alike.

7) Everybody can dance. If you don’t know how to do the Samba you better learn cos they will not be playing any Lil Jon or Ludacris and you will not be able to “Throw dem Bows” OKKK 

icon cool Salvador Da Bahia – The Life and People My 10 Observations If a dude offers to make you spagechhhe (Spaghetti) run for it. Spagechhhe may just mean Ramen  noodles. My friend was with a dude in a supermarket that she had been hanging out with who asked her if she like Spagechhhe. “You like Spagechhhhe?” She replied, “Yes” and he said to her, “I make for you Spagechhhe!” So he throws in two packs of Ramen Noodles into her trolley, which she was supposed to pay for… This was his idea of cooking Spagechhhe… Beware of the Spaghechhhe Bandits… they may be coming to a town near you!

9) If you are a very darkskinned black person you will automatically be called brother and actually be treated like a sibling by the person you are talking to, not so much so if you are any lighter. When walking around with my darkskinned male friend people would come up to him and shake his hand and call him brother and relay their woes to him… if they spoke English that is.

10) Well dressed guys with some knowledge of English who try and squat in your apartment… may well be homeless. They are  kept men when their foreign girlfriends (or boyfriends are in town) and the rest of the time find gullible tourists to doss with, all the whilst pretending they have a swish apartment that you never see…The ipod he is carrying is probably property of his American girlfriend.

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