Searching For Food on Avenida Sete De Setembro

Brazil Prostitute Searching For Food on Avenida Sete De Setembro

Last night Neville and I went out to look for somewhere to eat on the main strip of Sete de Setembro. Kay didn’t come cos she was busy being sick and unwell.

So we are strolling down the street. No stress, taking it easy, taking in the sounds, sights and smells of the street. There is Samba blasting from a passing car, little boys juggling sticks in the street, the arcarje women in their frilly white dresses and elegant head wraps, the smell of the sea and burning palm oil and out of nowhere jumps Diego. Of course he had his Ipod in tow,  one ear in one ear out and looking somewhat dappa in a bright red and white unbuttoned shirt.

He asks what Neville and I are doing,

“O que voces vao fazer?”

I open my big mouth and say we are going to eat and drink. Neville gives me one looks that says, “What did you say that for?” Diego joins us immediately exclaiming,


Neville’s face looks tortured. The look says, “Look what you’ve done we’ll never be able to get rid of him now!” We end up following him like lost sheep as he tells us of these great places that he knows to eat. Although I already had a place in mind. It seems easier to just follow than to speak up. So we end up at a little tucked away place off Sete De Setembro that does traditional Brazilian food.

I order feijão. I am ecstatic that it is only 5 Reais. I can’t believe how cheap it is,  then when it comes I realize why. I ordered the wrong bloody thing. I had been thinking of Feijoada, the Brazillian national dish which is basically a thick mixture of beans, fresh and smoked meats plus, garlic and onion and seasonings that comes serves with rice and had ended up ordering bean soup instead. Nice, but not what I was expecting at all and not filling enough. So I sip on my bean soup, Diego sips on Cerveja and I also pick at the food that Diego had chosen for Neville, which was delicious. I can’t remember what it was called now but it was rice and dry beans with bits of sausage and seasoning throughout.

Throughout the meal the waitress is very attentive. Diego flirts with the waitress by complimenting her skirts and feeling the material. She bats her eyelashes, after that he eyes up a big muscly guy that walks past, it wasn’t in a “I want my body to look like yours kind of way” but more of an “I want your body” kind of way. The guy is unbelievable and unstoppable. Throughout our hour, hour and a half max dining experience Diego visits the little boy’s room about 5 times. I have a weak bladder (I think) but DAMN! I am now beginning to think he is either a cokehead or sucking dicks for cash.

We have a trip planned for Mangue Seco in morning so want to get to sleep early. Neville is meant to be staying over so we need to go to his apartment to get his stuff. Diego is still with us so we head over to Neville’s part of town on foot. We were going to stop in Blockbuster video in Neville’s last ditch attempt to try and pick up a particular chick that works there, but Neville tells me that after seeing Diego feeling up the waitress’ skirt and the way that he seems to have with woman he doesn’t want to risk his chances of having him run his game on the chick and swiping her by taking him there, so we scratch the Blockbuster plan.

As we get to the corner before Nev’s apartment a taxi pull to a screeching halt about 15 meters across the road. There are two chicks and a guy in the car, and one with a bleached blonde cropped hairdo opens the back door and leans out, screaming,

 “Diego… Diego.”

Diego looks panicked and stops momentarily before telling us to wait a minute heading over in the direction of the taxi. Neville tells me, whilst Diego is gone that the girl that called him was the American that he had seen him with on ho’s corner on a previous day. (Ho’s corner is where Sete de Setembro meets Avenida Princesa Isabel in Barra.) There are a few outdoor bars there, an acaraje stand and more noticeably the rundown prostitutes that like to fight and argue, plus the guys looking to pick up chicks of all kinds. I found this out about 2 hours after getting off the plane on the first night whilst traipsing the street looking for toilet paper and coming across a host of characters of the colourful variety there). Neville expresses concern that Diego looks scared, but I didn’t notice the whole thing happened so fast.

In less than 2 minutes Diego is back and he does look kinda anxious. He says to me,

“So I sleep with you?”

I replied,

“No go with her.”

He keeps repeating over and over,

“So I sleep with you?”

and I keep repeating over and over,

“No go with her.”

After this repetitious exchange he walked off and got in a cab with the bleached blonde girl and her companions. Afterwards I felt kind of bad, but maaaaan for someone who claims to have a really nice apartment he sure does like to sleep out a lot and having to wake up at 5.30am I didn’t think it would be the most sensible thing to have him over and have to deal with the task of trying to get ready and get him out at the same time. So Neville and I troop on sans Diego and go and pack up his stuff and then head back to my apartment.

When we arrive back it is about midnight and dark. I take Neville to the upstairs bedroom which is the largest in the house and absolutely massive. Then we discover there is no electricity up there. Absolutely none of the lights work. Neville wants to head back to his apartment and return back in the morning but I persuade him to stay. Who needs lights when you sleep in the dark right? To make his stay more comfortable I hand over some toilet paper and insect spray and leave him up there in the dark with his bag to get rested for the next day’s journey.

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