She Asked Me If I Had A Plastic Bag

Plastic Bag 285x300 She Asked Me If I Had A Plastic Bag

An annoying work colleague just came in and asked me for a special institution branded plastic bag.

She asked me if I had a plastic bag.

I said no.

What is so difficult to understand about that?

She asked a question and she got an answer. Tell me why did the bitch not move? I am not one for repeating myself, but she forced me to… just standing over me with her beady eyes peering over her bottle glass frames.

So I said, “Oh we haven’t had those plastic bags for years now.” Then she starts peering around as if I am lying, at cupboards, her steely glare trying to penetrate the exteriors to prove me wrong. By now I don’t want to entertain her anymore. I’ve said it twice. Its enough.

“Oh but don’t you give them out anymore?”

Oh my! Did I hear something?


Of course I didn’t say that. Instead I ignored her, and started tidying my drawer. She took it upon herself to stand over me at this point.

Can you believe she thought I had a stash that I was now willing to give up because of her powers of persistence? So now I had to raise my voice a little. Clearly I wasn’t being assertive enough before.


I think she got the message because she left.

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