Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

frustration 300x299 Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

Do you have a “fuck you!” that you want to say to someone but can’t? Come and say it here.

I wrote this on the 28th of August 2007 when I was at work pissed off as hell. Let me give a bit of background. I word in an educational establishment giving advice. On this day I was posted to another site. When I got there no one knew where I was supposed to be and there were NO materials whatsoever for me to use and no one seemed to know a thing.




I work with the biggest bunch of losers to ever walk the face of this planet.

If I dared I would gob in the faces of 90 percent of you scumbags.

I hate that I have to see your loserish faces ever and I hate the fact that I am in someway a part of you.

I hate the establishment that I am tied to all for the chase of the almighty pound and because I don’t want to be homeless and broke.

I hate being tied down



You fucking bitch who told me that you didn’t know where the prospectuses were when they were under your desk… FUCK YOU! I always thought you looked like an anorexic witch. Your knobbly long twisted nose and smug grin irk me.

You with your Simon Cowellesque way of wearing your trousers. FUCK YOU! Your voice sounds like a woman. How dare you ignore me when I try and ask you a simple question.

You who comes into work looking like Zippy from Rainbow, and reeking of the pub from the night before… FUCK YOU for just being in my line of vision!

Since this day I have found being at work very stressful. After I returned to where I normally work I found out we had a “temporary” manager. This woman is a nosey dragon. You can’t even flick through papers on your desk without her turning up to look over your shoulder to ask if something is wrong… Pisses me off…

Everyday has been a headache literally…

If you have a FUCK YOU! Leave it in the comments… Vent all you like.

Today I woke up and Ruth wasn’t dressed. She normally goes to work before me. When I asked her what was going on she told me,

“I’m not going in today.”

I asked her why and she said that she had just had enough. She needed a break. Well feeling how I have been feeling lately I knew exactly how she felt. So at 7 something this morning we both called in sick and decided we were going to do something crazy spontaneous like just go to Waterloo and catch the Eurostar to Paris for the day.

The last time I caught the Eurostar I paid £70 return to Brussels, so I figured we would just turn up at the station and get on the train. We had no idea what we were going to do when we got there but we were just going to go anyway.

Ruth is the sensible one so she suggested I check online to see if we could reserve a ticket. The prices started at £155 and got higher and higher. We both agreed that that was too much to pay, so I looked on for flights. No luck… Their prices were even higher

Things were not looking good at all. It didn’t look like we were going to get out of the country so we decided on going to an amusement park like Chessington or Thorpe Park. Ruth had a two for one coupon so it was all systems go! I looked online and we discovered that the parks shut at 5pm since it is now off peak… Well no problem right? WRONG!

The trouble started when I wanted to get my hair relaxed. At seven something in the morning no shops were opened although I did head down to the market because I figured they would be open, however the market wasn’t even on today. It was past nine before we got started on my hair… Needless to say we didn’t get ready till about 1 in the afternoon.

The amusement park idea was not looking so hot. We had played hooky and now we didn’t have an idea about what we wanted to do. We had all these ideas but they were all too boring. It looked like our asses were going to be parked in the house for the rest of the day.

I then decided I was going to go and get some roller skates and go roller skating. I need to get fit and that seems like a fun way to do it. Ruth wasn’t to enthused about the idea but since she had nothing better doing she decided she would come with me.

I looked online and there was a place called The Blue Room that sold them on Edgware road right by Hyde Park. We chose that place since all the Middle Eastern Restaurants are over there and so we could go and eat afterwards, and smoke the shisha/hooka. (single or multi-stemmed, often glass-based, water pipe device for smoking; originating in India, it gained fame in the Arab World when it traveled from Persia to Arabia. A hookah operates by water-filtration and indirect heat. It can be used for smoking many substances, such as herbal fruits and tobacco.)

Setting off:
London006 Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

London008 Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

London009 Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

Off we went and the place was really easy to find. I bought these black babies! Ruth who claimed she was just accompanying me ended up buying a pair too! Hers were yellow and blue and a bit more groovy. I am soooooooo happy about my new skates, even though I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet!

London Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

After buying the skates we went to go and eat and smoke some shisha. Here are some pictures:

London011 Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

London022 Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

London026 Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

London023 Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

London016 Skiving Off Work And Random Spontaneity

You know this is the first day in a while I haven’t had a splitting headache… I am so glad I took the day off… You know sometimes you just need a rest!

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