Sleeping with Prostitutes on Vacation

Prostitution Sign 200x300 Sleeping with Prostitutes on Vacation

While in Brazil over The New Year, one guy we were hanging out with, Neville was frustrated at the fact that he was unable to pick up a chick due to language barriers. (It was his own fault I had advised him on numerous occasion that he needed to learn the language.) Kay suggested to him that he should pay for one, as in frequent a prostitute. Neville scoffed at the idea that he should need to pay for ass, while Kay kept on at him. He kept insisting that he just needed a few chat up lines and then he would be able to pull. Kay couldnt understand why he wouldnt just pay for it and accused him of being cheap, even offering up her own cash so that he could get laid.

Neville refused still scoffing at the idea. Now Kay is trying to persuade him with the When in Rome argument. She claimed that it was a cultural experience and that since thats what many foreigners (men especially) come to Brazil to do its expected, so the nice girls wouldnt be interested and the prostitutes would be the only ones that would be interested. I didnt agree that he should pay for it. Unless you have absolutely no sexual control whats the point? Does one need to have sex on holiday to feel like you have had a good time? I got the feeling that he just wanted someone to hang out with and flirt with rather than no strings sex, particularly since we were around a lot of guys all the time the testosterone must have been a bit much at times.

The day after this argument, Neville tells us this story of how he and another guy had met two chicks in a bar who spoke a little bit of English and were willing to come and hang out at his apartment. They were prostitutes and were willing to go back for free. The other guy who spoke Portuguese had negotiated it. In my mind the horrible thing about sleeping with a prostitute is that you are paying them to do it. It does not mean that they like you or find you desirable in the slightest, so it kind of defeats the purpose. If you are lying down with someone wouldnt you like to know that they at least dont find you absolutely repulsive?

I guess in Neville’s mind this was no longer an issue¬† he was a stud because these women who normally get money for sex were so besotted they were willing to do it for free. My guess is that they could see the bigger picture FREENESS for now and then being set up for life (or what they think of as being set up LOL) with a western man.

After Neville told this story Kay was even more convinced that he was being tight with his money She asked him, If you’re not looking for love, whats the problem?

Is there a problem with paying for sex? Is it a perfectly feasible thing to do?


  1. ohhh.. i agree with you,, i dont want to spend also , but i think that if my spirit is more stronger i wont be able to fall into temptation ..

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